I had got at least ¥ 100,000 in Kijima Kanae defendant once physical relationship

Matchmaking is from a man who had met at the site to have defrauded more than total 100 million yen “matchmaking fraud woman” Son and Kijima Kanae defendant (37 years old).She has made the men one after another suspicious death was Mitsuga, for three of the six people who died, it has been charged with, such as murder.From February 17 accused question is performed, testimony about Kijima defendant of the case is calling the big topic.

However, never not a beauty I wonder she was what exactly are attractive to attract the male ….male dating partner had been living up to the moment that Kijima defendant is arrested, at that time, it had said such a thing in this magazine.

“Honest story, I thought Wow! And when it met for the first time.But unpleasant feeling enough not accept physiologically did not.I usually wonder think Na and also if you lean.That appearance is, it was an opportunity that had to trust and “can get married in peace and if this person” ”

Sense of security that exude from Kijima defendant also, probably was one of the attractive if from them.

I was happy every day that can breakfast to occur “in the morning.In the morning hot cake, daytime peperoncino and noodles and fried eggs, rice cooked in fried the evening, grilled salmon, there was also that it made me a containing pot-au-feu of sausage “(supra, the original dating partner)

Kijima defendant, has graduated from the famous cooking school also attend celebrity.By satisfying the stomach of lonely men single in the specialty of food, and took away also their heart.In one of the suspicious death were men, words skillfully that had asked for assistance of this money.

“I am a student of music universities abroad, after graduating in large companies of the music system in Japan has decided job as managers.But my father died in a plane crash, it is tough to pay the mother sick … tuition.If you no longer attend the university, it is impossible to employment ”

No way it is also not be considered as such as it is fraud, but because the man was willing to aid.

Kijima defendant to the “dead man” only you can trust, rely on “send email, such as,” I have Owada house and connection of your home of Princess Masako.Both relatives of do’s “seems to have been said” (friend of the deceased man)

E-mail, such as imparted care, a lot of men by making full use of bold bluff and various rhetoric “were rolling” Kijima defendant.The talks in stark also about sex life in this trial, we have to reveal if he had been the men captive how.

That Kijima defendant, before carrying out the matchmaking fraud, had earned the money by the SEX in the mistress contract and dating club.”Once it will bear the physical relationship had received a minimum of 100,000 yen” “speak as such as” had earned monthly average 1.5 million yen in the SEX, from the other party,

“Among you have ever (SEX), amazing woman as you do not”, “high features that are inherent than the technique.”

It was to praise obtained as spoke proudly and.

※ women Seven March 8, 2012 issue

Miki chairman remarks net large fire boll side Watanabe objection to workers’ compensation certification of “suicide employees”

For workers’ compensation certification of suicide employees, Watanabe Miki chairman of pub chain “boll” is and that was tweeted, it has been criticized on the net.In cottonseed, recognition of work situation you are countered with different and Certification.

Watanabe Miki chairman itself, it could have been speaking of going to was friendly and committed suicide employee.But, ironically, it is called the antipathy to the contrary, it got up in flames on the net.

According to the “labor management can be recognized was not not” report, for the suicide were female employees (26), in the Kanagawa workers’ compensation insurance examiner February 2012 dated 14, in the overtime work of about 140 hours or more a month as well We have concluded that the cause was developed adjustment disorder.That basis, it was considered revoke the decision of Rokisho Yokosuka, which was not paid to workers’ application for survivor.And unfamiliar cooking business is allowed to until the early hours, and that the holiday also had Kona-sa and early morning training sessions.This employee had committed suicide from joining after two months.

That one month ago, and as such as “body is hurt”, it had noted a bitter cry “Please somehow help” to the notebook.

If it’s overtime of 140 hours a month, so that the seven hours a day as a five-day work week also had overtime.In the case 17:00 is scheduled, it is calculated that was working until midnight.

Despite examiner has certified this, Watanabe Chairman, on Twitter 21 days that have been reported, “recognition of and was not able to labor management, No” was a remark.And explained that the reason “her mental and fellow physical burden had been trying to reduce at all,” muttered a “matter of workers’ compensation certification, is very regrettable.”.”But, to her death, I regret it is not only.First of existence purpose of the company, I was because I “happy employees.

However, Watanabe chairman is not mention the presence or absence of overtime, there was no word of apology.From the fact that, on the net, standing to be able to labor management in the overtime of the “month 140 hours?”” I’m just become a commotion that such criticism Na is not so good only with black “is flooded.

Past remarks, February 21, 2012 in one after another bashing boll of the site, issued a comment on the work situation of suicide were female employees.But, again, “because it is different from the Company’s recognition, this decision is regrettable,” and said only with, did not show how it is different whether concrete evidence and recognition.

Watanabe Miki Chairman, then also it is possible that you tweet about the female employees, drew criticism.Relates a visit to Bangladesh as a school corporation president for sister school construction, I was saying that “died she also believe that me to expect.”.On the other hand, have come up with a voice to such a rebound is no reason to become a bother to hope for is to have committed suicide in the workers’ compensation.

In this fire commotion, past remarks Watanabe chairman, are exposed to bashing.

In business magazine on August 10 “(in a meeting at the 8th floor Toka 9 floor building) Now, here from Tobioriro! And in and say okay,” and that is that you scold employees was introduced to, once again criticism of the eye directed.In addition, his January 20, 12 on the blog, about what I wrote and complained of a “suicide zero of society” when you run for governor election also is countered such as “Which mouth or say it!” It came out.

Watanabe Chairman, in the tweet of June 15, 11 “boll is not a black companies swear to heaven and earth meek,” but have stressed that, it also seems to have become the bashing of material.

When interviewed public relations group of cottonseed, personnel as such absence, the answer was not obtained.

Nogizaka46 alpine Kazumi “drinking allegations.His is the scary likely crushed “

alpine Kazumi of Nogizaka46 past blog underage drinking is suspected has been rumored to have leaked to update the blog on February 22 (2012), we were denied the allegations.

‘s Debut date of Nogizaka46 this day.”Today is the first time the day of our songs fall into the hands of everyone.Never so happy. ”

“February 22 wrote in a blog long ago that it ‘s important day for my family.The first time I say it to you today.Is my brother’s birthday.It was a favorite brother of just one person.Happy birthday! I think this year would like to present my CD.And I wish happy if you gladly have us in heaven … and because that of friendly brother I think that it is very pleased me. ”
“Nogizaka46, start.The real beginning is I thought it from here.To become even one person to idle to be loved by many people, and I will do my best over the life.I will hang in there because there are fans.There will also be suspected of the fact that you do not have it as become famous.It is scary and he crushed likely, but I am me! “

In the photo seen from the sky the do’s … Dubai was such a topic

Speaking of Dubai, led by Burj Khalifa the world’s tallest, is lined with modern buildings that can be said to be one of the best in the world.

However, even the scenery viewed from the sky than the Burj Khalifa, had called a reputation and Dubai that are usually image little different and.

Please refer to the Dubai cityscape that were transferred from the sky.

Expansion ※ Click on the image; & nbsp
[I see the image]
Indeed There is only city that was built in the desert, modeling that is steeped in sand color, there is atmosphere such as we have almost jumped out of the world in the near future SF.

(Note) in the photograph is that of the Burj Khalifa is not included.

That huge budget to the construction of the city has been poured is well known, but it is you can feel when viewed from above indeed.

Are you like most of the building is an alternative so because the same time, was built by the same developer.The streets, but it is a beautiful’re clean uniform.

Well, this is Dubai, there are secret different from the other developed countries.What in the new building, such as the Burj Khalifa is so there is a building that is not connected to the city sewer system.”

(2012/2/25) postscript: initially, but sewer of Burj Khalifa itself had wrote has not been developed, it was corrected by the error.

See: Without Trucks, the Tallest Building In the World Would Become the Tallest Mountain of Poop (Updated)

So to say that it how are you such as excrement, has Hakobidashi track with Kumito~tsu a tremendous amount each day, it is that of the congestion of the track is amazing every day.

Evidence the video – YouTube
[I see the videos]

According to this video, from much of the length of the congestion of the track, it seems did not Tadoritsuke to track of 1 Banmae.(The Toka it has stopped about three days and listen to the driver)

By the way, have substantial budget to have a have also been started from around 2010 sewer construction work, only the new building seems to have been connected.

Beautiful under the streets is still unfinished, it seems there are still new things country of Dubai, it is a lot there is a front and back likely.

Dubai, UAE

Postscript: In the original description, incomplete sewerage system is so has been a content to inspire a wide range of impression other than the Burj Khalifa, has been corrected.

I see all the [to the topic photograph as seen from the sky a … Dubai I was like this]

In the UFC, “history strongest of KID is I seen”

The 22nd (water), I met the old face in an open workout which took place in Tokyo, Shibuya of Gold’s Gym.Former Chute Boxe Japan and Sergio Cunha who was teaching at the Yoshida Dojo, is the person.

Currently led by Toronto of Mecca MMA he is, as hitting coach of Yamamoto KID IsaoYu, had played a visit to Japan.UFC2 losing streak, the KID no after, what you learn in Toronto, what to show us in the Saitama Super Arena.I asked Sergio Cunha.

– Cunha, it is a come as seconds of after a long time surely Yamamoto KID IsaoYu players in Japan did not even think.KID did you not trained how much the players.

“It’s about three months.I I stretched three months the camp in Mecca MMA team of Toronto that has served as a coach.I will be teaching a blow, BJJ, I’m perfect team also stomach wrestling coach.Conditioning coach was also firmly supports that of the KID ”

Two games in –UFC, do you think that there was any problem in the KID players.

“MMA’s a sport that is constantly advancing.The KID, full camp, such as was done this time was necessary.So, we were able to wash out from a small fixes.

KID Pure Wrestling, Pure grappling, the practice of hitting is to win in MMA, was training on the basis of firm strategy.that we came, the result comes out on Sunday.I’m sure, and beat up the opponent. ”

── What kind of plus fixes to the point.

“KID’s a fighter with explosive power.I have a TKO win in 16 games.While it has been proven striker with power.However, when he defeated, often opponent of wrestler.I was focusing on there.

him to win in the game, was bestowed the indispensable combination.At the same time, we went to practice in line with the game plan for KID take the top.And, I had put the escape Kana, the force from the joint Move.Because my specialty’s blow, of course, clinch from high kick, elbow, has been doing knee anything.

Of course, I can not afford to teach the strategy of KID is because before the game, ready to be able to take down from any state has been trimmed.At the same time KID is a powerful striker, it because a good wrestler.And moving so as not to be knocked down, training to put the blow also has been fully doing.I And, KID’s rhyme really Takumi Even Jiu ”

── I see.By the way, the knee injury that KID players suffered in ’08.Since then, KID but players can also view that no longer be exhibited stride, How does the tone of the current knee.

“Knee is not 100% problem.His camp, I’ll was perfect.I’ve supported the KID in all aspects.Not just by looking at the physical care of the training time, we’ve been doing well of diet surface management.

And, doctor says that’s his knee okay 100%.In this period of training, it was just more than three kilometers in the amount of muscle.I’m sure, will ever strongest of KID is seen.To that end, because I we have formed a camp ”
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Degree of exposure UP let alone disappear from the media after the W affair uncovered.The Yamaji Toru of crisis management tech! ?

In December 2010, the exposure that Miyoko Omomo is, Toru-san and Asagi Kuniko Mr. Yamaji ex-husband on Twitter had affair.3 people suddenly became the man of the time.But, most of the big sparks drew the author of this book, Mr. Yamaji.It is not the difference it ‘s end as a journalist to anyone thought.

But, still he has been involved in coverage.Is it just, in the television, such as “Mote man” “gender issues expert”, it’s most dominating, such as if it were given a special title.

Why was possible it? I asked to Yamaji’s issuing the book “The Power to survive the carnage” that can take even a so-what attitude.

– I was I think I’ll Serve well this time of this.

Gee, it was very time of the affair turmoil.If you mistake in the handling, at once “bomb” was thought to explosion.I to interview were also flooded.However, coverage of the theme that I receive as time went on, I began to change from the “truth of the incident” “Do Yamaji Why popular among the”.And, I have been allowed to go on TV and magazines even now.

When I look back now, there is a straightforward to get through to those that shambles.And I I think I was able to select it.As a result, it came to be recognized as a character which is not expecting.This experience and I think that there is a meaning to other people.Also in the field of business even between men and women, because the thing you are lying around everywhere shambles.

– I see.In, Mr. Yamaji would Why was able to more than well the shambles.

Discovered initially, I think it is large was able to devoted to apology.People will be able to scold people to excuse Arekore, but when you are lowering the gracefully head, more than that is what it is difficult to pursue.First of all, important to prevent the deterioration of the situation by suppressing the emotion and pride.

– Sure, it had continued to apologize earnestly at a press conference.The world of air has changed, I think that was from around that began to appear in, such as “Sunday Japon” TV show.

If you continue to apologize, it comments that will defend me on Twitter began to appear.Since the tide began to change, as yourself of the image is “overwritten”, it began out to various program.

– And honor recovery of chance came.

Any shambles, visit the opportunity to recover sure if you have continued the apology honor.However, at that time, it must not impair capture the needs of the other party.I, viewers had appeared to think the “Do me amused what Yamaji Toru”.If you have an excuse for self-protection, this matter is my Hold story, it would not have to be a point that is plunged.

I do not think that person is me forget if vertical when.As I was waiting to directly calm down, even if no longer climb to the topic, the people would remain in memory and as “W affair Yamaji”.So, overwriting the image I need.For this reason also, the opportunity of honor recovery is important.

– This know-how, it might be effective as a politician of the manual was a slip of the tongue.

But the things is you study and practice, people like being in the center of today’s politics, looks like the person who did not come to only study often.What I was able to deal with the uproar, since has been come to the experience, such as feel the danger of life on the battlefield coverage.So I was accustomed to calm.

I want to tell the person of the week pre-young readers, it is that fear the pinch.Is not it boring Nante appointment harmony life.Life is to not be changed and there is no something, shambles is a chance for the.Life is not long enough to think your people.Stepping on the accelerator in the corner, and I hope that a lot of experience to the determination.

Toru Yamaji (Yamaji, Toru)
Born in 1961, born in Tokyo.Through TBS TV, the TV Asahi production, and independent in 1992, founded the nation’s first conflict zone professional independent news agency APF News Agency.Currently, punishment 3

■ “The Power to survive the shambles” (Kobunsha / 1365 yen)
Omomo Miyoko by tweet of his ex-wife and “was a shock, that it was found that her ex-husband had an affair with Kuniko’s Asagi”.Or Yamaji, who was knocked off in life maximum of crisis, was survived by how to.It reveals a valid crisis management surgery also in trouble of business

(Shooting Inoue Taro)

Fortune-teller in the believer surge, Getters Iida “this year, the most popular among the is a taciturn serious, it is a clumsy man”
No Mote, there is no money, it is not sold.M-1 previous dark era of black mayonnaise reveals
Eternal Mote man, of Junichi Ishida “youth keep” surgery “to be a romantic feel, anti-aging in love.”
TBS · Tanaka Minami Anna, why men popular among the?
About 1 percent of potential gay Japanese men.Straight boys in the increase of homo of

To Yukie Nakama and couple!? The Yoichi hot water is “good at I?”

February 22 (water), the event “press seminar on passive smoking prevention” by Pfizer was held in Tokyo.What this is, it has been made to the machine to be enacted every month the 22nd from this month as the anniversary of “non smoking (Swan Swan) of the Day”.The venue, appeared Yukie’s and hot water Yoichi’s fellow actress was appointed to campaign character of non smoking treatment campaign, it revealed that plays a husband and wife role in the new CM.

[Photo] fellow that has been cheering the hot water Yoichi’s Yukie’s

February 23 from (Thursday), but fellow-san and hot water san to start broadcasting of new CM “non smoking family” Hen who played husband and wife role, hot water san “honest, I wonder if I may be a forced labor’s fellow and I thought, “said the shy.In the wake of this, listen to, but the hot water’s smoking history in ’25 in real life say that to challenge the non smoking treatment, fellow-san “This time, people who become forced labor is, to play a great role (referred to as non smoking treatment) Because we, told the impressions and I was “surprised and Na’s very.

Finally, the appeal fellow san “to be non smoking alone, and is Kakaekoma not, please also consider methods that get cooperation by, for example, declare around,” said a non smoking treatment.Hot water Mr. “I was non smoking with your doctor.I’m sure I’m good for the body is better to stop the tobacco, thoughts and that, in the feelings of the family, it was concluded the event by advice think “and non smoking is possible to.[Tokyo Walker]

– “Tempest 3D” today published! Tanihara Shosuke, revealing four kilometers up too much to eat buckwheat Okinawa (Tokyo Walker (national edition))
– “Tempest 3D” of Tanihara Shosuke, “I like Nakama Yukie’s” even real in the role (Tokyo Walker (national edition))
– Yukie Nakama and Seto Asaka is enthusiastically the Vanity Fair! Medical suspense drama complete thrilling (The Television)
Kazuya Yukie Nakama and Kamenashi is celebrating Christmas in the adult atmosphere (The Television)
– Kyoka Suzuki, Yukie Nakama, beautiful actress gathered in drama award ceremony such as Hikari Mitsushima (Tokyo Walker (nationwide edition))

Rooms Transsexual four people employed in the crew of the female frame, the first flight to China – Thailand Airlines

February 21, 2012, adopted a Transsexual airline of Thailand, which is scheduled to be in service in March this year “P.C.AIR (Pee Sea Air)” is the female flight attendants frame and become a hot topic roast.And that the destination of the first flight will be in Tianjin and Hong Kong of China.International Zaisen told.

[Other photos]

The company is adopted cabin crew of 30 people, 10 men, 16 women, and has a configuration that four Transsexual.There is only expected the sex change powers, and to the extent you do not know the Transsexual absolutely just by looking at the package “beauty” just.According to the company, the company will also not be subject to discrimination from the complete meritocracy with other colleagues.

Peter Chan, president president with experience that worked in ’15 as himself cabin crew (48).”Family understanding of can not be obtained from a number of transsexual friends from previous.Does not work as well work.Go out and overseas travel has also been told bitches such inconvenience “, I had wanted to be someday force.

A new airline company was born at the beginning of last year.Through the preparation period of a year and a half, it plans to service in March.I connecting Thailand and China, Tianjin, Chengdu, Changsha, Hong Kong, the major cities of South Korea.(Translation and editing / NN)

10 large habit of Chinese who can not understand the Americans?- Chinese media

February 20, 2012, Xinhua of China, as the Americans Some of the lifestyle of the Americas Chinese there are things hard to understand, introduced the typical 10 large habits among its.

[Other photos]

1. Drink profusely tea.And also many cups many cups in the same tea leaves.I’m drinking all day in the office.

2. I blindly humility.When praised the first time in work, “No, no, ridiculous.I mystery, is still “and humility.”It is still a shortage to interview also has ability.I would say that does not and “and study more, and miss work.

3. Speak Chinese in Chinese to each other to have beside the Americans.Despite the misunderstanding Americans to be “I’m talking about that do not want to hear in my kit”.

4. It wants to avoid that annoying.If that happened any problems, and I will not be trying to solve standing in front.

5. It is not immediately issue a conclusion.”I personally as the opinion” or “This is my idea of ​​individual” to use in favor of the word, and will not be speaking like to represent the company.Opportunity to take home to be sure the company to be “well try to study”, there is no prompt decision.

6. I do not say things clearly.Even if you clearly know that the other party is wrong, it or point it out, you do not or correction.I say the various complaints in the shade instead.

7. We entertain the customers too much.Luxury is to treat a large amount of food to customers in the restaurant are thought courtesy, but not displayed only a sign of vanity to Americans.

8. It is not Torikakara to work in the ass to catch fire.Become a deadline last minute, work is sloppy so get started in a hurry.

9. Eat anyway anything.

10. Profusely and noisy.If anyone is making noise in public places, it’s surely Chinese.(Translation and editing / Hongo)

Battle of UFC Japan tournament main MMA highest peak

The 26th (Japan, local time), UFC144 to be held at the Saitama Super Arena “Edgar vs Henderson” = UFC JAPAN.’11 Two months swing of UFC Japan tournament, becomes the Zuffa regime, seen for the first time Octagon in Japan.

According to the United States of PPV relay, the start of the main fight is noon, Purerimi-opening match but the events in the time zone no example in the past that the 9:30 start the morning, the UFC from the first match if anyway inevitably get up early I want to thoroughly feel.

I met the name of the Japanese fighter to array of tournament, the main of direct import from the home card, the UFC World Lightweight Championship bout was prepared.And lightweight lightest and strongest champion = Frank Edgar, 5 minutes 5R round of the challenger Benson Henderson would movement of modern MMA highest peak is seen.

In both wrestling-based, all-rounder that was standard equipped with a jiu-jitsu and blow warfare.More of reflected in the aggressive, it from become particularly to fight in the UFC in the way of the challenger, Pound and the elbow has continued gaining power.

By applying a pressure in the blow, while flashes of hooks so that they can get one shot, stuffed with distance drive.It’s Henderson to continue to the take down from the push to the cage, but one of Edgar does not give stuffed with the distance, with a magician specific footwork of Maai.

Mainly an opponent, move in an arc at Octagon, while the movement of a circle along the slip and Octagon, and returns to the front of the opponent.This is repeated to the left and right, and continue moving in front of the other party as a figure-eight.Step is a wiggle, when punch, painful to read or kick to come, if the time Henderson to go to the reaction, tired feeling, would rise even breath.

Edgar, to increase the trouble riding in this rhythm, do not be ineffective or to twist blow as soon as movements of the opposing.There is timing, bad – would not first be an unreasonable roundhouse until give di.Basic, when you turn to the left in the figure-eight step for the orthodox is often hit the barrage to stand in front of the opponent, if Henderson is pack a distance, not when the right-handed, when you are left-handed wonder.

Of course, since Edgar will also move to consider the defense of the take-down, such as reverse to attack using the takedown to feint, Henderson is able to derail the Edgar of rhythm if Misere, might Rokr to good of slugfest.

Interesting, not interesting, or determine KO – not a part of, UFC the process is spread over and over again for that KO and one win, I want to enjoy the battle of the top each other.
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