British media – Casino in Macau to be used for money laundering Chinese wealthy

December 10, 2011, the British magazine The Economist, was reported casino in Macau is being used for money laundering Chinese wealthy.Ring and ball network told in the 12th with.

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That the success of Macau has become a means of outflow of funds to foreign seems to contribute.Casino revenue in Macau, has increased by 44% from one year last year at the time of November this year, it has grown to the size of four times in Las Vegas.

Chinese to go to Macau is not just for gambling.In order to escape the yuan taking out limit, and he has been remitted to Hong Kong and overseas in exchange to HK $ chip casino such as corruption civil servants using the intermediary person.Money laundering soared to a staggering scale, “laundering are being carried out in an unimaginable way” and According 馮家 than the University of Macau in (von Jiachao) Casino Institute Director.

Legal protection to personal assets is weak, you are showing signs that wealthy transferred to foreign funds in China.Merrill Lynch has warned that there is a risk of outflow overseas “hot money” will lead to financial instability, the Chinese government has begun to limit the issuance of Makaobiza China mainland residents from 2008.

It is also possible that the Chinese wealthy if it fails to operations and investments, intermediary who is lending the money to they suffer a loss.Story that came out bad loans at the moment are not heard, but I will be the Chinese government also strengthen its involvement in the casino industry serious crime if happen.Manager of a casino, that are worried that such murder occurs at the casino and corruption of the Macau government officials than the bankruptcy of the intermediary.(Translation and editing / Okamoto Yu-ba)