Serious China = or structural problems in the Japanese fighter X F35,13 locations

The Japanese government has decided to adopt as (FX) fighter X of the Air Self-Defense Force stealth fighter F35 that international joint development in the United States-led.According British Jane Defense Weekly latest issue to (JDW), pointed out that there is a number of problems in the F35 fighter latest technical report of the Pentagon, procurement of F35 for the Pentagon does not have confidence in the reliability of the design of the F35 solution is to consider anew the problem of mass production and.China network Japanese version (China net) was reported.

The report, which was completed in November 29 is, what technology, measurement and evaluation department of the Pentagon to create a joint, was submitted to the procurement staff of the Pentagon.JDW magazine got the copy.

According to the report, there are 13 locations is a structural problem serious or potentially already discovered the F35, risk fatigue life and shorter than expected is present in some.Also, in addition there is a problem image is interrupted, the resolution is such as to decrease in nighttime mode, fuel tank safety system of spray that is discharged from the fuel tank that fails frequently JHMCS.

Currently, Lockheed Martin’s F35 during manufacture three types of C-type B-type A as a normal take-off and landing aircraft, short field takeoff vertical landing machine (STOVL machine), the carrier-based aircraft.Structure requirements for high impact landings is large during the C-type inter alia, structural problems are the most serious.8 both times did not succeed in landings restraint tests conducted in New Jersey Lakehurst Naval Air Station.

Equipment was not in the originally planned under the influence of the retrofit contains many, there is a possibility that the problem can be found further in the test flight of the future F35.(Editors: Yonehara Yuko)