Billionaire also worshipers rush in winning pray at the shrine of Shin-Okubo in lottery

Tokyo, Shin-Okubo to boil the Korean boom, there is a surprising popular spot.To write a certain city, a 1-minute walk from JR Shin-Okubo Station, everyone in it a “hit everyone” “everyone in (sea) Inari Shrine”.Now jumbo lottery is on sale at the end, it is a big bustle “hits” as a power spot.

Shinjuku Hyakunincho that same shrine, where there was a mansion of “hundreds Corps gun assembly” of the Edo shogunate, which was founded in 1602.Yoriki of gun Corps at that time, was suffering shooting is without progress is, that had a dream the indicated Leif from Inari Daimyojin.Hyappatsuhyakuchu where there the next day, we pray to Inari shrine, this is Yoriki, tried shooting.Since then, are called “(hits everyone) Inari all in”, I hear is that there is a divine favor of Shoun up.

Shinichi Nakamura-san, who is a priest in the same shrine, says.

Derived after the “gun Corps, it came to be said to be” hit “, and pass the test and pray lottery winning, a lot of people come through the year now.Who come to Shin-Okubo under the influence of the Hallyu boom’s are also increasing and there, but the number of worshipers, too has increased ”

Average day 100 to 150 people on weekdays visited the shrine, the shrine is further increased year-end and New Year holidays and weekends.Worshipers of many I have visited so also after November 24, which is called the season of the big lottery, prayer is to focus, year-end jumbo lottery this year became the launch.

So, I wonder if there are people that had divine favor ever really?

It does not say that a “concrete everyone, but there are many reports that” There has been a good thing “.And those that hit 1 million yen in the lottery, person hundreds of millions Irasshaimasu Among.I There are reports of something few people, that hits a day “(Mr. Nakamura supra)

Jumbo lottery lottery end of the year December 31.Billionaire be born from the worshipers of this shrine.