Water leak nuclear fuel pool cooling pause in “cold shutdown” the next day

TEPCO announced December 17, 2011, there is a water leak from the cooling system of the spent fuel pool of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant Unit 1, the cooling of the pool has been paused.

Occurrence of trouble in the morning on the 17th.The thing the next day that is declared reactor has reached a “cold shutdown”.Then that there is sufficient margin in the cooling capacity of the pool, Junichi Matsumoto, nuclear power, location Headquarters Deputy, describes “things like that too hurry the decision is not” and also about declaring.

The valve of the drainage line was not fully closed is automatic stop circulation of the cooling device, due to water of about 100 liters had leaked.Water leaks stop when you close the valve, circulation was resumed after about 3 hours.I have The leaked water is flowing through the pipe does not touch the fuel, radioactive material is not included.