“Shirato house” CM director, grief clause grumpy Eriko Hatsune in the first feature film

Of the 27th Warsaw International Film Festival Yamauchi Kenji director was nominated for Competition of “Mitsuko sense” is celebrated the premiere on December 17, starring with Yamauchi director Eriko Hatsune, Ishibashi Kei, Kanji Furutachi is in Tokyo I did a stage greeting at the theater.

Softbank CM “Shirato House” series deals with the like, the feature debut of Yamauchi director of CM creators this work.Emi and Mitsuko of sisters and the surrounding people living in the city, such as the cul-de-sac in the Tokyo suburbs, I portray something that was a little shifted daily to humorous.

Was Hatsune that played the hero and Mitsuko, fully open the surreal charm intact air feeling of the movie.”In painful it is to attend to the shooting, followed remains unpleasant, it was refreshing when I finished” Hyou Hyou to confess and, the laughter of venue.Look back and “I’ve gone to the scene to have the indescribable emotion, the extraordinary is familiar in will become a routine you thought that was the same feeling as Mitsuko”.

Although rehearsal was carried out ranging to 2 weeks before shooting, was also able to use the Kumin Center that.Ishibashi, who played Emi sister of Mitsuko is, during “Although I also Kumin center called” theater ban “, where Big Fight There was also that it was kicked out doing the rehearsal of a scene (laughs).When I was at a loss, Yamauchi director would go to “karaoke! And “.After all, I revealed and I was “doing a rehearsal of the very important scene in the karaoke box.

Furudate is, the shooting and the same period of this work to participate in the filming of “My Back Pages”, and the case was back and forth the Tokyo Kansai, “not exactly the memory” for shooting.To do this, Yamauchi director “Become a schedule of Furudate’s alignment shooting is interrupted, very’m was annoying!” Grin and.”To Hatsune’s was much displeased, you can complain that it is hard to no longer know what to take to have the Ishibashi’s where the scene is in, … it was unpopular site” further was a clause grief and.

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