Intel Nagatomo, within the team “tampered officers” Do fan “not a bully?”

Italian sports newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport” is the 16th, published an article about Intel of DF Yuto Nagatomo.Nagatomo as “tampered role” in the locker room has become a popular person, has been charged a large amount of Parmesan cheese on napkin during a meal, you have to introduce the episode that became a cheese covered as soon as you open.

But the contents of this “messing”, and whether it is “messing around not a bully instead, from Internet users?”And the topic.Reaction such as “w which Thats you doing bullied,” “pick up cheese in silence while face down When I was done,” “I wonder really painful and I have return it merrily laughing Na” “In the end I wonder I like to have a person of the heart” is has been written.

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