Inoki Kim Jong Il died in comments “I knew before about breaking subtitles 10 minutes”.

Antonio Inoki is December 19, announced the comments in response to the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il death.

IGF street “of Antonio Inoki comments upon the death of Kim Jong Il” is the following, which is posted on the official website of (Inoki Genome Federation).

“Thing of death I knew before about 10 minutes which flows breaking subtitles of TV.Once, since we are before also heard that also became a critical condition, because it can happen that you say to anyone, of course, you can not say as the North of the country, I think preparation it was a.Although it is diplomacy surface with Japan, Toka prioritize the abduction issue by this death, I think the Toka prioritize the peace problem persists North Korea itself “(※ sic)

Inoki is often visited North Korea ever.In 1995, a central role is Inoki, held a professional wrestling entertainment “Collision in Korea (festival of peace)” in Pyongyang, to mobilize 38 million people in two days, North Korea domestic television viewership It is said that was more than 90%.Celebration is Masahiro Chono, the late Shinya Hashimoto-san, Kensuke Sasaki, Hokuto, fought the Bull Nakano et al., Inoki was play against Ric Flair.