[Enta is ♪ vitamin] Fuku-kun find that that she thinks “not human” to Matsuko Deluxe.

“Childlike”, “Charming”, “smile is cute” and popular child actor, Suzuki Fuku-kun (7).The contents and gestures of charm story of Fu-kun, he is healed by Hohoemashiku have appeared childishness of age appropriate.But in a hard worker with respect to acting, seems to be equipped with a spirit of strength that it is not discouraged even out the many times NG.

The Fu-kun also entertainers of many fans, talent of Becky is “really cute” Becky ♪ ♯ official blog “of the December 10 date.I love.”And in madly in love, this day it is revealed that it was present him to the muffler.Then discovered the figure that wrapped the muffler when the Fu-kun is back, and thrilled to have Becky’s so hugged him involuntarily.

I like because Matsuko Deluxe transvestites talent also does not have “Fu kun hate” child actor odor “.I speak with “.In the “depth good story 2 hours 10 minutes super enlarged version SP of life changing one minute” of the December 19 broadcast, Matsuko told the memories of when you first played with Fu-kun.Fu-kun visited to greet backstage of Matsuko.Matsuko you showed up to open the door is too huge, it probably was surprised.I hear mom fortune-kun you drew back involuntarily, issued before by pressing the back.

In television drama that marks the final episode this week the 24th “Humanoid Monster Bem” (NTV), Fuku-kun plays Vero role.In ordinary everyday the painted fictional setting of monsters rather than a drama, sad while the fate knapsack betrayed by humans also continue to have the innocent mind Vero.Operation of saying the words also, should often no pattern of that you have ever experienced.Therefore Fu-kun had that even 11 times had issued a NG.Strict also request from the staff.”(From lines) more and more, have been lost feeling.And “, how many times is the dissed has been washed away by VTR.Still without also Fute rot without even cried, the figure that continues to challenge without being discouraged still there in the professional actor.When praised it, when “small is also when you cry.I smiled as Fu-kun he was only 7 years old was embarrassed and “.

If you see from the “Fu-kun, I look anyway” specter “,” human “?”Matsuko heard in a serious face.Then while tilted her neck “Which also.”The answer Fuku-kun.It seems not think that apparently perfect human.Really might have been thought to be a monster – and when Matsuko mutters, “But (percentage) is there are more human.Fuku-kun to speak while “the laughing smile was still cute.
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