“Topic it was from Shinsuke” late Okuyama Yoshimoto executives disappearance coverage of the reporter is ……

It becomes missing from immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, search but is followed by Eiji Mr. Okuyama of the original wide show reporter had the corpse is found, alive, and have appealed strongly to the “I want to put the work” against belongs Yoshimoto Kogyo the thing is I found.

Okuyama-san that had been found in the state in which hanged himself in this year around April, Tokyo Chofu park.Clear suicide reason is not known, but he Okuyama-san and had parties friendship “temporary that was on TV on a daily basis, here two or three years was suffering without work.If you have been loved in a certain musician, and had asked to arrange such as recitation of work, the musician is sudden death.Okuyama’s I think as went increasingly to fall “and align the mouth immediately after.

Free of the reporter but Hana is among the hottest, and change the recession and television organization policy, there is a Mamanaranaku become case also tomorrow of life as soon.Okuyama-san “ANYTHING in affiliation Yoshimoto Kogyo.Let me put the work! It’s so had complained, “but nothing has been spilled unchanged” complaining “that (insider).

Also let me know of “Okuyama’s disappearance” was flow around September.Just retired same Yoshimoto belongs Shinsuke Shimada, entertainment media has been to expand the Shinsuke uproar as every day.

“Yoshimoto had frowned on every day of Shinsuke news.News is Mr. Okuyama had jumped among such.Some of Yoshimoto executives, also had a person who was willing that the topic has been moved to temporarily from Shinsuke Okuyama-san “(TV officials)

Yet the same Yoshimoto affiliation, Shinsuke retired entertainment industry is Kabai, Okuyama, who had complained that “there is no work” is ignored …….How would think to hear this story Okuyama’s bereaved family -.

※ The image is from Yoshimoto Kogyo official site

· Mystery “catastrophe also …… with a woman reporter” was left in the death of Okuyama Eiji reporter
· “Young clerk about …… abroad” Libya death thorough that were not TV Asahi of crisis management
– The aim of TV Asahi that “thorough flatter” the “Hatori-san, Hatori-san” Hatori Ana?