Tokyo Exchange: yen-dollar 80 yen 15 sen, dollar-buying order of Japanese importers to ¥ 80 crack

Dollar-yen 80 yen 15 sen near.Dollar-yen so far, remained at 80 yen 17 sen from 80 yen 08 sen.80
The circle cracking, dollar-buying orders from Japanese importers are ahead, and yen-selling by the Bank of Japan
Intervention is expected, but the option trigger of ¥ 79, stop loss Haut
Gimmick to sell Darling is becoming dominant.

Euro-dollar, small movement in 1.4573 U.S. dollars to 1.4602 U.S. dollars.Additional support to the implementation of Greece
Uncertainty, default of Greek debt rollover by the rating company (default) view
In, deployment reluctant up.Euro-yen, a small movement in the 117 yen 00 sen from 72 sen 116 yen.

Dollar-yen is a 10-minute current 9 o’clock 80 yen 15 sen, Euro-yen 116 yen 92 sen, pound-yen 131 yen 05
Qian, Australian dollar and yen has remained at 85 yen 98 sen near.