Unexpectedly high disability assisted living center of your salary? 

The other day, people with disabilities assisted living center’s with dealings on the work, had been the recruitment of staff’s.
 In, is not the starting salary has been posted but over.
 Starting salary: 180,900 yen (more professional and junior college)
 ※ qualification is unquestioned.However, there is recommended qualification.
  If you look at the bar feed table of civil servants, Is primary 23 Goho.
 Starting salary of municipalities where there is this social welfare corporation, with 178,800 yen in college, primary 29 Goho.
 4 because Goho of change is it standard in one year, and that’s professional and college administrative (one), primary 21 Goho-161,600 yen or …
 Salary table of civil servants, it is the better was higher welfare workers than administrative post (one).
 It had completely forgotten.
 Or rather, as compared to the civil service equivalent of general administrative post, for that Goho also salary also high, honest, was a surprising.
 If you look at the financial results of this corporation, in independence support revenue is the main in persons with disabilities about 70%.
  After, also Somehow of subsidies from the government pretty (laughs).
 Personnel expenses as a percentage, is the late 60% range, but basic, this industry is, would such a thing.
 However, something, the more of the corporation that has been operating with the aid of a country of institutions and local governments, for that is a well-paid than government is supporting source, I felt strange.
 No, the business contents and require qualified, general administrative staff from the results advanced and is determined to be difficult, the pay table welfare positions are set higher than that of the administrative staff is of course.
 However, in the qualification unquestioned, and for that to employment as welfare workers, in the sense that there is a feeling that does not go with anything subtly convince.
 Surely, the barrel and, Toka improved guidance from the sponsor side of the municipality, Do not wonder out (laughs).
 After that, prima facie, you should write, the salary table of welfare workers, because the bad second half of the growth rate, and ultimately, to the administrative post (one), it will be overtaken.
  In addition, all of the disability support center, and this does not mean that it is equivalent to.
 Just to be sure.