Makoto Hasebe, and donated the royalties to full disaster area

Japan representative MF Makoto Hasebe belonging to Wolfsburg is, for kindergarten construction of Miyagi Prefecture Minami Sanriku-cho, which was affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, prepare the book “Mind.To donate royalties 45 million yen was obtained in 56 habit of “to gather hauling a victory in the Japan Committee for UNICEF.The 21st, presentation ceremony was held in the same town.

Already Hasebe has donated 50 million yen in June, it is that it has donated the full amount of the royalties totaling 95 million yen were combined.The book sold more than 1.03 million copies in September, now also has continues to sell, it has become unusual sales number of books as well as soccer this.

This news was reported in more than one television station, Hasebe you gave the rabbit apron in the video, the topic is appearance to hear and read picture books to pupils who.On the Internet have raised reaction such as “This also had thought the plainclothes or of Hasebe,” “something cute w” “Do not trimmed dress” is.
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Ken-Hasebe Makoto her without reason, was found to be because 24 hours troublesome.