[Enta vitamin ♪] and “valuable people I do not do anything.”.Takuya Kimura is healed, and friends “Nakaji~i” of 15 years?

SMAP Kimura Takuya is, I revealed the presence of precious friend who is also a chance to fell in love with the sea on the radio program.But, that the encounter was something intense enough to hide the figure which I fear is Takuya Kimura.

National idol group SMAP still, but time was not as popular as now.Takuya Kimura was already surfing the hobby is, is I met a person as a sea.

Then this year that about 15 years have elapsed, Kimura appeared on broadcast radio program on December 21 “Nichii Everyday Thanks” (TOKYO FM) Takuya is, talked about their friends “Nakaji~i”.

Takuya Kimura looked back at that time and that’s “still time of freshly started surfing”.he one man has been multiplied by the voice as “U~oi! Let’s entering together!” when he was fired up as “I’m gonna do my best today,” the surfing.Kimura his first impression is to become the color if you “How do you” is Tati is evil seems a hair Shioyake?I speak and was feeling “Tteyuu”.

When the man returned to pick up a surfboard, Kimura was revealed to be “went to a different place to flee and” this timing there is only “”.Is so the guy had a scary atmosphere.

However, Kimura after 1 week came and also the man has a surfing “During this time, probably was Bakkure!” He spoke to me and.Kimura he was Shirabakure as “such a thing is not”.

Then surprising words came back from man.”Because I know all.Than is he said the “not Yawa attention to me.Do idle Kimura Takuya has come to what the thinking sea, but he who knew the inside of the heart.Kimura it since 15 years called “Nakaji~i” of him, are dating in the whole family.

“Nakaji~i” for Takuya Kimura, expressed as the “I do not anything, a terribly valuable existence”.He called his people like that are a lot in the sea.”Even if there is a thing to be worried about on TV and in concert, everything disappears the moment you enter the sea” is Takuya Kimura to speak with, the sea is what and was grateful to the fellow’s place relaxing.

Even in the planning of the variety show not only the song, Takuya Kimura is known for unyielding personality to be toward success in full force.I Soredakeni should the pressure and stress greater than you think he feels.It is kind of it for us him help was the presence of fellow sea.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)

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