Court ritual of the New Year is also voice to worry about your physical condition of the physically demanding Majesty

December 23, the Emperor, which is celebrated the birthday of 78-year-old.But in 2011, it becomes ceased the annual birthday conference, it became the only impressions presentations document.

According to the “Imperial Household Agency, His Majesty but have been in your public service is restored, because still is not a thorough physical condition, it was that in order to lighten your burden.The only valuable opportunity to able to hear the voice of His Majesty directly, it is said that it can not be helped, I’m sorry “(imperial reporter)

The Majesty is canceled the birthday conference on the grounds of ill-health, it becomes a thing of the second time since 2008 the first time in three years.

Because of the mild bronchitis due to mycoplasma bacteria from November 6, and but Majesty had been hospitalized about three weeks to University of Tokyo Hospital, after hospital discharge, it has been returned to public service in just five days.If you look at your schedule of His Majesty, which is posted on the Imperial Household Agency website, and discharge have been November 24 or later, it has been desired to 30 of your official duties, and spent 1 more than a day and the day-to-day hectic are.The number 23 is above the crown prince of (the same period) (December 15 currently).

And, new year, if Mukaere the New Year, awaiting a court ritual that His Majesty has been important.It is the people square of God, including the Ise Shrine, which is performed from the dawn of January 1st worship “Shihohai” and “Saitan Festival”.

“I Majesty is started praying from 5:30 in the morning of New Year’s Day, but 3 must sometimes occur in preparation for.Also under the sky of winter of extreme cold, for a long time in light clothes of silk costumes, you must pray in seiza, to come gradually cools from the feet, is so increasingly there is no sense of per knee.Let’s say that a fairly harsh ritual even as it’s healthy your body “(imperial officials)

At the present time (December 20), without any announcement from the Imperial Household Agency, as usual, that plans to His Majesty is facing themselves to this ritual.

“Because this is such that the strong desire of His Majesty, unless become exceptionally physical condition is poor, you should not change.But severe cold is, or will not bear of the body of your elderly Majesty.Let alone because it is your body after your illness, is very worried “(before de imperial officials)

When the cause is a court ritual to birthday conference not good enough to not even physical condition Majesty’s outrageous, Shuichi Mr. imperial journalist Kanda says.

I think “and of course there is your feeling of majesty.However, the sad is destroying the physical condition is an unreasonable it’s the people.So, what should not be advised to “please refrain” is neatly entourage.And, should I away – the Daihai to the crown prince and Prince Akishino is an imperial heir.In addition to the crown prince and Prince Akishino and must be imperative to the prepared ”

In fact, took place in January 2009 “Showa Emperor two decades Shikinen Festival of Yi-Korei builders ceremony”, it has been attended to was done in Musashino Mausoleum in Tokyo Hachioji “Sanryo Yi” was.Crown Prince and his wife are worship as your Nadai of Their Majesties.

※ women Seven January 2012 5 · the 12th Issue