Chinese military as early as the North Korea-cored?Request received of Mr. Kim Jong-un, last year already “secret agreement” also?- Honkon-shi

December 22, 2011, Honkon-shi Apple Daily, as a story that I heard in the vicinity of the morning middle border, at the request of Mr. North Korean successor leader, Kim Jong-un (Kim Jung Eun), China People’s Liberation Army is already in Pyongyang It was reported that the dispatch has been.

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Received the announcement of Kim Jong Il (Kim Jong Il) general secretary death, newspaper reporter on the 20th, the town of medium-morning border, arrived in Yanji and Tumen in Jilin Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture.So, China has already dispatched the elite troops of the People’s Liberation Army in North Korea, Mr. positive obligation to help, was to get the information of that is committed to maintaining security of Pyongyang.

However, you are going to not take the confirmation about whether this is the case.Is also information of the armed police of dispatch has been.It is not clear about the scale.However, this information sources that it has moved from the direction of the Tumen hard luck in the eyes of foreign journalists in North Korea has been that it certainly.

In addition, according to information obtained by the ministry Changchun City, last year, when Kim Jong Il visited China, although Hu Jintao talks with (co-Near East) Jintao has been carried out in the city, in fact, at this time, already Kim I had entrusted Mr. positive favor of “his own after the death” to Hu.Therefore, this time, help is positive owe Mr. Hu who seek help in China is that thing of natural.

China as the most intimate comrades of North Korea, and death of Kim Jong Il will be announced, in addition to sent a condolence telegram to first and foremost, everyone Hu et al Politburo Standing Committee nine, condolences to the North Korean Embassy in Beijing I have visited.For these reasons, the morning relationship in Mao – I suggests that leaving the still strongly reminiscent of Kim Il Sung era.

China is fed a lot of volunteers in North Korea in the Korean War broke out in 1950, is made to killed 18 million people.If true the rumors of this time of troops, it is the second time “volunteer army” dispatch.(Translation and editing / NN)