Not too high? Tokyo Sky Tree outlook fee

Admission and Date of opening of Tokyo Sky Tree Observation Deck has been determined.The 7th, Tobu Railway announced for Tokyo Sky Tree under construction in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward, when you opened on May 22 next year.However, the fee to the second viewing platform of 450 meters height 3000 yen Nantes! It takes until 2000 yen (350 meters) the first observatory.There is also a children discount of course, 3000 yen is not too high how much anything?

And what about in the world? In Japanese yen about 2200 yen fee to the observatory skyscraper world’s tallest in the United Arab Emirates Dubai “Burj Khalifa” (reservation might be needed).Because the point is 442 meters observatory, approximately the same height as 450 meters of Tokyo Sky Tree.3000 yen is not applied even luxurious building was built with oil money ….Has become your high even compared to the other buildings in Tokyo obvious.

◇ about 2200 yen There reservation 124 442 m floor (Dubai) observation deck Burj Khalifa 828 m, 8800 yen without reservation

◇ (2000 yen to the first observatory) 3000 yen Tokyo Sky Tree 634 meters the second observation deck 450 meters

◇ (820 yen to large observatory) 1420 yen Tokyo Tower 333 m special observatory 250 meters

◇ (1500 yen to Tokyo City View) 1800 yen Roppongi Hills Sky Deck 238 m 238 m

And be able to apply for the Guinness Book of Records as the observation deck high rates in the world?

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