Korean documentary program, to protest rush to the video of the Rising Sun Flag = Korea

A documentary program that MBC Korean TV station has broadcast on the 23rd as a memorial of So-sha 50 anniversary “Antarctica of Tears”, in that the Rising Sun flag of Japan appeared, the criticism in Korea have been flooded.Korea of ​​multiple media has reported.

A series of natural environment documentary that boasts a high viewing rate in Korea “Earth of Tears,” “Antarctica of Tears”, the Song Joong-ki of the popular actor has served the narration, had attracted attention from before broadcasting.And production team of the program is through the taking over one year, I have to introduce in detail the Antarctic ecosystem.

In the broadcast of the 23rd, and Japan’s Showa base to perform the observations in the Antarctic region, when you introduce the wintering Corps, “militarism to symbolize the” observation ships and Japanese members of the Rising Sun flag was raised that figure to behave the Rising Sun Flag I took up such.Further “Japan is in the blow of defeat, was advanced to the first to the South Pole in Asia is looking for a new Hope” received criticism commentary that.

According to the South Korean media, whether viewers et al saw the same broadcasting is “Rising Sun flag that was to waste a hard time of 300 days.” “This program is Japanese were produced, the pain of defeat?And that shows the reaction such as amazed “.

On the other hand, viewers of the program of the production team on the 24th to protest, emphasized through the MBC of the website’s “program documentary to record the fact”, that it has sent a “warship that Japan is the Rising Sun flag was raised in Antarctica I was interpreted as is also true that historically the overt also “.(Editors: Takeshi Nagai)