“Hong Kong north of the people,” the targeted … without waiting cause announcement of the derailment, opening a new high-speed rail – Guangdong

December 26, 2011, Guangdong Province and Guangzhou-Shenzhen section of high-speed rail and wide deep harbor high iron connecting the Hong Kong China has opened.This route forms a part of the Beijing-Hong Kong route that becomes the north-south direction of the main shaft in the domestic high-speed rail network.Multiple of China media such as People’s Daily told.

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Recently opened the Guangzhou-route between Shenzhen, maximum speed of 300 kilometers an interval of 102 kg, are connected by 35 minutes in the time, to navigate a day 36 flights.Fee is 1 and the like 100 yuan (about 1240 yen), 2 such as 75 yuan (about 930 yen).Naturally, it is a had planned the opening of August, in response to the large-scale high-speed rail derailment that issued the 40 deaths in Zhejiang Wenzhou in July, it has been postponed.It should be noted, has not been announced yet formal investigation results regarding this accident.

Same route plans to extend to Hong Kong in 2015.Once this is open, I will be in Beijing and Hong Kong are connected by approximately 10 hours.Hong Kong and major cities in Guangdong such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, the Pearl River Delta is already one day moving area, but in the future, Changsha (Hunan Province) and Wuhan (Hubei Province) and many of the inland city with a few hours it becomes close, traffic becomes active.

It is the expansion of consumption and investment by where they being expected to “Hong Kong people of the north”.In addition to tourism and cultural industries, particularly high expectations of the real estate market.Guangdong province of trackside property, not to mention the even property of inland cities such as described above, that are starting to visit the tour from Hong Kong.(Translation and editing / love ball)