Movie version of “Beautiful World” Yasuda Narumi appearance was “unexpected benefit” of the downfall Shinsuke?

Since the retirement declaration on August 23, Shimada disappeared completely from the TV Shinsuke.That in recent years it has been treated as “things that were not” in Variety industry, there are actress was bestowed an unexpected benefit at retirement of Shinsuke.

“Or rather surprising effect, in that Shinsuke Shimada’s retirement, is that so are increasingly Yasuda Narumi’s work.Currently, but I have done the shooting of the public next year movie “Beautiful World”, which is also, is so appearance was decided to Fuji TV is offered as “by all means want out to Yasuda-san” “(Fuji TV officials)

In ’09 is broadcast on Fuji TV series, and the average viewing rate of 15%, of respectable hit that became Kusanagi Tsuyoshi starring drama “Beautiful World”.Although this movie has not been announced officially, seems no doubt that is published within the next year, according to officials.

“I Yasuda-san had originally out many to Fuji of drama, but this time of appearance, you can either say the intention of Kinashi’s husband worked quite strongly, it seems Mr. Kinashi was pretty open for Fuji.Even as Fuji, Shinsuke uproar later, not a Bettari Yoshimoto, like with other offices continue dating a well-balanced.Also there was a feeling that I want to sell on to the Tunnels.It ‘is that the Kinashi’s offer was greeted by Rei of Sanko “(entertainment office parties)

Drama return itself of Yasuda, but has played in five years ago, with much appeared on NHK Asadora “iron plate” of last year, it is not yet led to the appearance of a big the downfall of unexpected big game, Yasuda grabbed a major role.Either make the most this chance!?

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