From the survey of 95% exclusion digital terrestrial machine penetration and “truth” 80 years of age or older

Full transition to digital terrestrial (digital terrestrial) broadcasting, the end of analog broadcasting to cut the 50 days.According to a survey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, household penetration rate of the receiver corresponding to the terrestrial digital broadcasting is that reached 95 percent in the nation.

But in this study, 80 years or more is out of the subject for some reason.Survey method itself criticized as being “far from reality” and I went up.

In the “penetrance Survey on digital terrestrial television broadcasting” anger shaking the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced in March 2011 and have been “not be present statistics on” terrestrial digital broadcasting as of December 10 years household penetration rate of broadcasting receiver has a 94.9%.It has become a perfectionist spread of the receiver by April 11, and has remained on track as far as I see this result.

Penetration of the previous study have been published in the November 10, but there is also a direction that disagree with the survey content.March 4, 11, Sunagawa HiroshiKeijun Prof. Rikkyo University, Department of Sociology, and Sakamoto Mamoru journalist held a press conference to recommend zero of terrestrial digital and refugees end postponement of terrestrial analog broadcasting.In this seat, it is 80 years or more were excluded from those surveyed was taken up.

According to Sakamoto and his colleagues, the number of households, such as single people and couples over the age of 80 in Japan approximately 2.5 million households.The total number of households latest national Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau has announced because it is about 49 million households, the proportion is 80 years of age or older hit the 5%.It’s not small number.In the founders of the proposal, Mr. Sakamoto was reading the comments of Mr. Nadainada critic.He and his wife of more than 80 years they’ve been to that does not exist in the face of statistics 80 years or more in the study of “country.I introduced a state of anger shaking added, “to live properly.

Why were excluded from the survey of 80-year-old.When you interview to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications broadcasting technology department, to speak it’s “consideration of whether not there also can be difficult physically in helping to fill wide-ranging, for content is also fine, questions will become the elderly”.On the other hand, describes households living with elderly people because it contains within the valid responses, 80 years of age or older that not does not reflect at all.The minute that can not be covered by the “penetrance Survey”, to visit individual households over the age of 80 and with the cooperation of local governments, was established in 51 locations across the country through the “TV receiver support center”, the penetration rate survey that they are implemented.

The receiver, which is counted by the penetration survey does not reach to 100 million units, the spread of digital television itself or computer recording device, cable TV set-top box with a built-in tuner as well as TV (STB ) are also included.According to the figures for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting Association announced on June 6 also 100 million 5.37 million units, in January 2011, spread the number reached 100 million 17.25 million units at the end of May.

But if there is a “trick” is also on this number, Sunagawa Associate Professor and Mr. Sakamoto points out.For example, TV terrestrial digital, STB recording and hard disk is connected, the receiver’s that wind up being counted bracts 3 it just.And if so, such as STB because it does not be seen television broadcast by itself, it’s placed in the “penetration” simply questions remain.

In fact, the penetration rate of LCD TV and plasma TV terrestrial digital broadcasting can be viewed remains at about 74.87 million units at the end of May.It has increased about 1.6 million units in a single month in May, but by July the analog to stop wave, it does not reach 100 million units at this pace.

Sakamoto and colleagues, we expect 90% of the household penetration rate of the receiver in real time in July, I’m concerned about so-called “terrestrial digital refugee” is born in this state.Full transition has been postponed one year Miyagi and Iwate, Fukushima Prefecture were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, but it is expected that the rest of the world is carried out as planned.Sunagawa Associate Professor, in the DTB being promoted as a policy of “country, people of non-correspondence’s not be watching TV is” man-made “.You are talking about what to save these people, the country and “want to face in a sincere attitude.

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