Expert explains Jong Il father assassination theory gold to be recalled by Kim Jong Il assassination theory

Japanese government to know the information of Kim Jong-il died on national broadcast of North Korea, but was exposed to blunder that Yoshihiko Noda prime minister was also out on the campaign trail, the death was a sudden so.Has also emerged assassination theory hence.

I is the death of 1994 of President Kim Il Sung to be recalled.Although observers viewed as a natural death is large, there is also deep-rooted theory that it was assassination to have now.Liao Mr. Hagiwara detailed journalists in North Korea problem, but one that recite the “father assassination theory by Kim Jong Il.”.

There is a close relationship to the Great Famine, which began from assassination and 1995 of “Kim Il Sung.Although is said to have issued a three million people starved to death’s in large famine, this was a mass murder in order to annihilate the hostile hierarchy of Hamgyong North-South road Kim Jong-il has been a hotbed of people revolt.The Il Sung gold had become the biggest obstacle in order to carry out the plan, and I was removed by Kim Jong-il “(Mr. Hagiwara hereinafter referred to as” “in the same)

And rebuilding the agriculture, say Il Sung and Kim claiming regime maintained in the stabilization of the food supply, between Kim Jong Il to claim threatened diplomacy by nuclear development, there was a violent political conflict.

“Kim Il Sung has died with a heart attack at the villa, according to the documentation that defectors’ organizations of Seoul was obtained, when Kim Il Sung has seizures, had been waiting for novice otolaryngology Just family doctor, was not the physician of heart disease.And does not have only Kim Jong Il’s can be in such a state.In addition, Kim Jong Il is a phone call to the villa of Kim Il Sung in the middle of the night, and spitting rant excruciating, are seen to have to cause a heart attack by giving a strong shock to Kim Il Sung ”

I in the dark truth now that Kim Jong Il has entered the passed away, but Kim Jong Il himself, which is suspected of being a father killing also, during his lifetime has been exposed to the crisis of the assassination many times.That’s, after the death of Kim Il Sung, until Kim Jong Il regime enters the stable period, was repeated as almost every year.

The most famous of the incident that came to the table, but the train bombing of April 2004.dedicated train Kim Jong Il was riding it exploded after 30 minutes that have passed through the Ryongchon Station of North Pyongan, Jong Il 161 people but was successfully gold death, it became a catastrophe that injured more than 1350 people.Is a leading view of the internal terrorism.

※ SAPIO2012 years January 11, the 18th issue