[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “great! 100-point scale.”.Notes No.1 Becky of blinder that entertainer also marveled.

Popular personality of Becky has challenged the scream machine in the planning of the television program.And she’s a fear of heights actually, but he drew rave reviews take the unexpected behavior when the equipment trouble has occurred.

Becky chaired a regular TV “to the ends of the world Itte Q! In “, it is often a challenge to planning that unusual.In special of December 25 it was decided to ride to Uchimura Mitsuyoshi and two people screaming machine for “Itte Q members take turns planning! Annual, large screaming tour in America.”.

Location, known as amusement park rice California scream machine aligned “Six Flags”.Incident than is happened when you challenge to state-of-the-art roller coaster “X2” of screaming degree No.1 among them.

This “X2” in the major feature of proceeding to the back direction, the body is rotated 360 degrees while freely to fly Bukkake fast in that state.Will likely run out of it is and sense of direction riding.And that fire from the side of the rail comes erupted, it is the perfect scream machine.

Was climbed to the top of the height 58m “X2” has to dive at once to start.Then is than Becky of expression is no longer sight of.CCD camera extending from helmet for photographing a facial expression, he had a very distorted impact.

TV camera for capturing the appearance that Becky and Uchimura is screaming had captured the Becky of movement of that time.Becky even while Hikitsura the face with fear outstretched hand in shock to dive, is by rebuilding the CCD camera was continued holding as reflected their own face.

Tetsuro Degawa co-star who was confirmed its appearance in the studio was acclaimed as “great is the 100-point scale! It is not anything anymore to teach to Becky!”.Obsession with Becky cameras as “guts that does not lose to entertainer”, he was pressed a hallmark from Degawa, also referred to as notes entertainer NO.1.

Other co-star, such as Uchimura Mitsuyoshi also “just an entertainer soul”, but was lifted as “Becky sister’m funny!”, Becky did not rejoice in the obedient and “No Dah! I do not need fun”.Thing I want commitment is reflected in the camera and try to to Becky, but will want to avoid from being all over the planning as well notes.

Ever challenge planning to activity of the same program, in women team has been contracted is being Morisan and Ayako Imoto.There should trout attention to when it comes to Becky enters,’s high likely it is possible that planning increases not sorry for Becky.
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