[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “the growing Marekoromo played by consciousness”.Child actor of “housekeeper Mita”, not a odd “actress soul”.

Drama was recorded high audience rating of 40.0% in the last times “housekeeper Mita” in (NTV), it was good acting the second daughter-Marekoromo role of Taya Azu, Miyu Honda chan (7).Nozomiyui-chan is a member of the Suzuki Fuku (7) kun the same troupe of child actor that was a big break this year, also a may likely Naka in the same 2004 born and age.

Of December 28 broadcast “exhilarating information variety clean !!” (NTV) to cast the Miyu Honda-chan.Also hairstyle and clothes were bundled into two appeared in “Marekoromo” style, it was to drunk to Tetsuya Mr. program commentator Miyazaki that was a big fan of “housekeeper Mita”.

In the last round of “housekeeper Mita”, protagonist of Mita lamps and Azu Taya everyone there was a talk scene at the table last night.each rather than the words that writers decided in the words that thought yourself, it was decided to give the words of the mind and farewell thank Mita.

From director before the shooting of this drama begins, “” While Marekoromo chan crybaby drama progresses in spoiled, will continue to grow “Please be aware that.That had been said to be “, Nozomiyui chan.What Based on the intention from this director, is dialogue presented to Mita you have thought yourself “Marekoromo, become stronger! To protect everyone, become strong child.I hear was “.The contents of the words that girl of tender age of 7 thought, rises surprise voice from the studio of adult actors.

Nozomiyui chan in the program, this year’s summer of image of figure skating has been shed that was started to learn from 4 years.This is not a level of about hobbies, is owner of skating also beautiful considerable ability.She belongs to the Kyoto prestigious figure skating club you live, but so are hard while compatible with the entertainment activities.Skating is to practice the jump and spin, speak of will be able to be fun.Since the state to continue to improve the technology can be clearly realized, it will become encouraging.

Be careful when you play is, a particle of “is in the words” Teniwoha “, that you do not make a mistake.Nozomiyui chan that says “.The contents that are too too firmly, in the studio resulting in stunned.Is the parent reporter, is a think that head down to your parents of Nozomiyui chan.The Narawase the figure skating, lessons and work as a child actor and moved to Tokyo from the countryside.And housework, of course, are also brother of Nozomiyui chan home.Money also effort also takes considerably, especially mother is very.Nozomiyui chan mother also, it’s what I want to do my best next year’s health in first.
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