[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “no program basis Regards”.Conversation Kuroyanagi and in Tamori is “Tetsuko’s Room” is argued that it is “not intended to hear.”

December 28 to Tetsuko Kuroyanagi of crown program “Tetsuko’s Room”, Tamori of comedian became the annual year-end has appeared.To explain the theory of recent Tamori is elaborate “integer harmonics”, Kuroyanagi also showed sympathy.However, two of the conversation according to it’s a layers “does not have to hear” for the viewer.

Tetsuko Kuroyanagi and Tamori relationship is long.Although the Tamori to this “Tetsuko’s Room” starring becomes the 35th, Kuroyanagi “It is but was found recently, when you out first I did was amateur” was back with.When Tamori is showed for the first time tricks amateur era in television, happens to be that she has seen “this person is interesting” were asked to cast a.

Such two people is but annual is to dine at Tamori house at the end of the year, than is dining date was realized invited Tamori to Kuroyanagi favorite restaurant this year.That’s when Tamori touched on is, Nakamura AkiraKazuuji It was one book of “harmonic” that wrote.

Mr. Nakamura is learning the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Chemistry in college.He noticed the charm of overtones to hear the sound of the shakuhachi, he was apprenticed to a shakuhachi player with name.I is a person who has studied the “harmonic” based on these various experiences.

On this day, Tamori again the outline of theory to expand its Nakamura is “harmonic” in the program, as described in Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.

It was something like this:.is issued is “harmonic” with its sound when the sound comes out.Is an integer multiple of the fundamental tone “integer harmonics” is used in many Western music for example, noise and say “non-integer harmonics” is roughly when Hisuru to it contains a lot in oriental music, also becomes one of the shakuhachi.

As a feature of the time you have heard, and integer harmonics is “to scintillate charisma, feel the majesty” Yes However, singer in the Misora ​​Hibari, such as Ayumi Hamasaki emits a lot of the sound.And he Tamori and Tetsuko Kuroyanagi corresponds to it in the speech.

There is a non-integer harmonics is “friendly” nature In contrast, Shinichi Mori a singer, like Utada Hikaru is emitting a lot of the sound.I say Sakai Masaaki and Beat Takeshi hit it in the speech.

According to this, the voice of Tamori and Tetsuko Kuroyanagi is an integer harmonics of the properties “glistening”, it means that it is not suitable for voice in person friendly good TV.Tamori “It sounds I and when Kuroyanagi Mr. speak ill very sarcastic but, Beat Takeshi no matter how even vomited invective Leaning familiarity” likened and its difference.

Even while having such integer harmonics, Tamori By making conversation friends with young talent in such as “even good”, and he created a style to overcome its shortcomings.Also, is you’re up for its shortcomings by listening firmly story of Kuroyanagi also guest.

In But “Tetsuko’s Room”, I will be two of the integer harmonics causes bounce the conversation.When Tamori to analyze the “speak equipped with Tetsuko Kuroyanagi and Tamori is not intended to be heard by glistening”, you’ve concluded that the “It seems not so good as the program”.

In fact, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi is the fact that it has been introduced in the owner and book voices of the same “integer harmonics”, he was pleased that there is a common point between the Tamori.However, it was quite regretfully are detailed its contents from Tamori.

Kuroyanagi the second half of the program served as a role antiquary, Tamori is Russian setting of foreign tourists, Italian, Chinese, were heaped by showing off Hanamogera language of specialty, etc. Swahili.Resulting in two of the talent that would be in deep program of contents seems to subvert even the action of the “harmonic”.
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· “Mature On’nagoroshi!”.Talk pass in the piece’s first Tetsuko’s Room, struggled with laughter.
• In Tetsuko’s Room “chewed” is pointed out that Tetsuko Kuroyanagi is to cringing.
The new theory, the “Tamori type bathing Law”.Tamori that was sympathetic to bathing method of Igarashi Shunji.
· “My house is still analog broadcasting is reflected”.And advocates a large number Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.
• The both domestic cats of Shimizu Michiko to have Tetsuko Kuroyanagi conversation.
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