The voice of support to the “lie beauty getting tired in three days” Morikawa Waseda Professor theory

Beauty get bored in three days -.This kind of myth that is both urban legend, Tomonori Morikawa Waseda professor, known for love research is denying that it is a lie, it has attracted a response on the net.

Tomonori Morikawa professor for feeding their own love theory, is often noted that remarks on the net.Two months ago, in an interview with business magazine “Women of attractiveness as organisms, 19-20-year-old peak” was called a stir by saying such a.

Lie became this topic “made people not beauty” is, but interviews of Weekly Playboy.According to the site article of December 19, 2011, for the beauty the 3rd theory, Morikawa professor denied this from sperm.

That basis, “Perhaps this would be a lie people have made not a beauty”, Morikawa professor, as the “good of the apparent body odor of goodness, goodness of character, are linked to the goodness of the egg”, the men chasing it I defended that it naturally.

For myth of “ugly get used in three days” also, is that it is similar lie, he said over time as “never both of attractiveness is reversed.”.However, Morikawa Professor, is likened to the law of diminishing marginal utility of economics, for fade gradually satisfaction and also have seen every day with a beautiful woman, but “requires more than apparent” To perpetuate the relationship I pointed out that.

For these claims, in a two-channel, “sometimes become blind date immediately dismissed level is surprisingly to Ali When you are near even the 3rd,” “eventually, you’ll goodness of character,” some such and also questioned.However, the writing of approval “If beauty is bored in three days, Buss’ll get bored at a glance” many, the “I’m” and “Do’s delightful” are one after another voice like.

Beauty is about what was personality may be, there was the voice of the “cute will there is of me hard now to Na and perverse personality because everyone in contact with the Cheerful from when you were born to daughter”.On the other hand, since the request to the beauty many, has come out pointed out such as “Conclusion No. 1 personality is a good person with a beautiful woman” is also.

Whether that “more emphasis on such personality and health”, “lie beauty getting tired in three days” is, probably there is some data specific support.

In marriage information service company “Ornette”, was carried out awareness survey on the net to unmarried men about 900 people of 20 to 40 generations in September 2011.According to it, as that is emphasized in choosing a marriage partner, men who cited “appearance” of women with multiple answers allowed is up to 74.8%.On the other hand, was cited “personality” of the women was the most, 97.1%.Then continues, “love”, “Child Care and housework ability”, “health”, appearance has become the fifth.

For this survey, spokesman, showed a negative view as “getting tired If you look at the 3rd, I will difference Speaking as different from that”, Tomoyoshi Professor Similarly Morikawa in beauty the 3rd theory.That basis, it was said, “but is not that it has come clean, I think it has been an emphasis on such personality and health more than that.”.

Even looking at the other net research, seems similar results often.In sites that employment information company “Mynavi” operated “escala cafe”, as a result I’ve heard young men about 300 people were around the 20’s in October, the “look” to think that it is important for women 27.1 percent, “personality” is accounted for 72.9%.In the site, it is analyzed that “it but emphasizes the personality and say either, seems to have also men who believe that it is important also to some extent is the appearance of their liking.”.

After all, although likely not hit the beauty the 3rd theory, I necessarily like nor that must be the beauty.