12 fiscal budget of Japan, “Unusual situation” in dependence on government bonds 49% = China

The Japanese government morning the 24th, to open an extraordinary cabinet meeting, to determine the budget in fiscal 2012.General accounting spending 90 trillion 330 billion yen, decreased 2.2% from fiscal 2011, decreased in year-on-year for the first time in six years.However, this is borne by 2 trillion 600 billion yen of the reconstruction cost 3 trillion 780 billion yen and basic pension of the Great East Japan Earthquake country is not included.If you make both cost, budget will be a record high in 96 trillion 697.5 billion yen.China network Japanese version (China net) is the 29th, reported that “what 49 percent of Japan’s fiscal 2012 budget was dependent on the issue government bonds”.The following is from the same article.

Jun Azumi Minister of Finance in the conference after the cabinet meeting, and said, “depends largely on the budget in government bonds is reaching the limit”, called for understanding of the consumption tax hike to the public.The breakdown of the budget, tax revenue is 42 trillion 300 billion yen, and the new government bonds issued by a 44 trillion 240 billion yen, government bond issuance is followed by an unusual situation that exceeds the tax revenue outlook for the third consecutive year.2012 of government bonds dependent is higher than the 48 percent of 49 percent and in 2010, became the all-time high.

Treasury amounted to about 937 trillion yen, an increase of about 34 trillion yen compared to the country and long-term debt is 11 year-end local 12 year-end, has announced the prospect of to update maximize the past.European debt crisis has worsened, to consumers was ballooned to twice the GDP debt, shows a strong concern.

In addition, Japan’s rating agency, Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R & I) is the 21st, the rating of Japanese government bonds announced that it has downgraded from “AAA” top-level to “AA +”, concern is further strengthened.The first time that rating agencies of Japan to downgrade Japan government bonds, as the reason for the R & I is downgraded, “that increase the burden of social security reform has been postponed”, “that the financial situation is getting worse”, “Japan’s economy prospect of recovery I mentioned, etc. are that no “standing.(Editors: Yuko Yonehara)