If Kodaware to No. 4 of the new force Murata giant can not win?

For reasons of “I want to have championship”, Yokohama from DeNA to giant FA Transfers were Shuichi Murata infielder (31).Giant is that it was a free contract Alex Ramirez outfielder, is expected as suddenly cleanup hitter in Murata under consideration.
This season, but it is mainly Ramirez was hit No. 4 of giants, had hit the other to No. 4 fielder Ouchi road Ogasawara, Nagano Hisayoshi per outfielder of batting.Although Ogasawara was sluggish partly influence that can not be associated to a unified sphere and failure, already 38 years old, throughout the season, and it’s a cruel determine the function of the fourth.In addition, Nagano is not a fourth type in the middle distance batter.Sonaruto, ever Murata, which has served as the fourth of Hama is still leading candidate.

However, there is also the orientation to remember anxiety that you put the Murata to No. 4.The lay “certainly the Murata to No. 4, it would be natural flow for giant.However, you might miss the championship and stick to fourth weak Murata of a chance.From a weak is comfortably and hit with that number in Yokohama, in pressure-consuming giant, really it is it questionable whether leave is how grades.The past few years of downturn will also be concerned about “(certain sports newspaper reporter)

In fact this season, scoring position batting average of Murata, who served as the fourth in all 144 games he’s slight .196.This is the lowest among the 24 people batter of Central League that has reached the provisions bat.Speaking more, worst among both league 51 people.Murata of this season batting average but was .253, and there are runners in scoring position, he also fall at once 5 minutes or more is rate.If you look at the scoring position batting average of the major other cleanup hitter of Central League, Kazuhiro outfielder Wada (Chunichi) .252, Hatakeyama Kazuhiro infielder (Yakult) .253, Ramirez (giant = next season Yokohama DeNA ) .302, with Takahiro Arai infielder (Hanshin) .305, Kenta Kurihara infielder (Hiroshima) .333, and how Murata was weak to chance obvious.And hit the whole game No. 4, RBI 70 because lonely as long as.Although nice to say it, “I want to win fight”, one of the by far the lowest of the ringleader of Yokohama, he is none other than a Murata.

In addition, of 36 in ’07, and hit 46 this in ’08, is but Murata you won the home run king for the second consecutive year, the last few years downturn.’09 That was only played in 93 games in failure (25 home runs) aside, last season, it’s also anxiety element of ends in a row this season and two years twenty stand home runs, in 20% 5 minutes stand batting average.

This season, in It marked the high scoring position batting average giants, Hayato Sakamoto infielder .361 (league first place) and Nagano .344 (league 2nd).Sakamoto than total batting average (.262), showed a scoring position batting average is also high game strength about 10%.Unfortunately, it is not two people both fourth type, if useless in Murata, even to try to appoint to the fourth, it might be one of the hand.The result is good If the ball lands, but if you do not leave, if so stick to the original Tatsunori director “fourth Murata”, giant of victory will become farther away.
(Ichiro Ochiai)