“I set fire to the Yasukuni Shrine”, Chinese phone in Korea news agency = South Korea

The 26th in the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, there was arson.After the incident occurred, call the news media a Chinese man with South Korea that “I have set fire to the Yasukuni Shrine,” he claimed to have revealed.South Korea media reported on the 29th.

30 Daitomi is this Chinese “grandmother Pacific War at the time, but it was the Japanese military comfort women, the Japanese government is arson was because it does not apologize,” said the reason the.And that also was also detailed such as location and the process of wearing fire.After the crime, immediately move to South Korea, although staying in a hotel, now It is said that the report does not take.

Yasukuni Shrine arson incidents before, there is a writing such as “I’ll set fire to Yasukuni Shrine” of a user complaining of “Koreans of complaints” on the net, in Japan was reported is a possibility that there is an arson notice.In this regard, South Korea media had reported that “Japan Korean involvement is suspected.”.(Editors: Takeshi Nagai)