Best to shining of the ardent love, marriage, leaving-gaffe …… many ways!?”Week pre-Women’s Ana Award”

Or left the company signboard Anna, with or discovered is devoted of innocent school Ana, women Ana industry in 2011 there were many of the topic at Somehow.In this study, to look back on such a fuss of your girls Ana us “The most dominating”, departmental a week pre-was arbitrarily award! !

Let ‘s first look from the scandal department.Was less adoring coverage until early spring this year, Takeshi rush from per summer.Even compared to the previous years, it seems the frequency of Nigiwaseru the entertainment media was higher.Daijiro Mr. Maruyama of women Ana critics explain.

“” The weather forecaster of NHK News 7 “,” 7:28 Lovers’ Nakalai small painting that was popular as (Nacalai even) Ana of infidelity love is reported in February, the then popular Ana who also ardent love is one after another revelation.Fuji TV Takahashi Masa (Well Is the) beginning the first ardent love of Ana, such as Okinawa trip NTV Hayama Erenuana and Kowamote music producer, is also of this year features the scandal there were many high-impact ”

In these circumstances, that there are women Ana Mr. Maruyama has particular interest.It’s lid TV Tokyo Yûka Aiuchi that was reported in the crotch love the photo magazine (Aiuchi – Yuka) Ana.

“While not associate with colleagues, both professional table tennis player of 20 years old I think I was supposed to intimate relationship.Though it is the world of functional novel.In addition to it, the player is only asked to “nutritional management.Good was defended with the love relationship is not “.There is a feeling that has been Ikurume in Vanity Fair, spreads various delusion (laughs) ”

That is why, scandal Award is determined Yûka Aiuchi Ana!

In, then free Ana department.Starting with the Aya Takashima Ana thing Ayapan this year, Yukari holes and Miku Natsume Ana Nishio Japanese television has also turned to free.

“2011 is said to be” free was Ana year “” to speak so, it’s a freelance TV producer.

“Again noteworthy is Ayapan.And then you have two regular program from autumn, in agreement with the large companies CM also like Kao and Suntory.Annual income is already talk of more than 50 million yen.In addition, it was for some time a relationship, were married in October and Yuzu-Yujin Kitagawa (friends).Is completely winners ”

Although Nishio Ana also has appeared from November to the CM of Toyota Motor Corporation, still just full-scale start-up.The most dominating free Ana this year, will not be found in other by still put Ayapan.

Then, NG remark department girls Ana we had involuntarily say in production.First of all, whether play back there was any such remark this year!

Top batter Yoshie Takeuchi TV Asahi (Yoshie) Ana.When was your “first kiss co-star in the late-night program” Sakitcho ☆ “?”And you heard …….

“When a couple of eighth grade.Partner and …… “in the boys went to the same school, and he confessed while Kuchigomori.Viewers who Moe Takeuchi embarrassed Ana of expression also of large?

Women’s Ana showed off the kiss episode’re also in other.Katopan thing Ayako Kato Ana (Fuji TV) is, “Honma Anything-You-Want G!? Show off this story on TV! ”

“To kiss the cold after eating shaved ice and ice, after all we’ll also impressive,” heck, it has just anxious Did you kiss in any situation.

TV Tokyo Oe Mariko Ana, a whopping announced the bust size on the show.It’s that when you dropped in underwear wholesale wholesaler in “Moyamoya of Well-Zu 2”.

“I, under what is 65cm in C cup.It ‘is not a lie, it is true! “Is Oe holes stretched de ~ tion and chest was impressive.

Was produced also a number of NG remark this year, I wonder and I bought most amazing is not the NHK · Udo (Udo) Yumiko this report of Ana.Challenged to “vagina Torre” in the morning of the information program “Morning,” she …….

“(Sat in Magnet therapy of chair that has been developed for vaginal Torre) Oh, Anne, soften jerks.This is the first time the feeling ~ “, and he had leaked a lovely voice (Force), such as a gasping voice.Grinded with a spear too from morning!
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