Power this summer is sufficient enough not “threatened” with the appropriate “policy”!

And power shortages in the summer, the implementation of rolling blackouts is concern.confusion immediately after the earthquake, was overturned in Makiokosa “unplanned power outage” many times will want to suffer sorry.But in fact, the power of the summer ought to suffice enough.For the necessary measures, the country also because it does not typing enough hand yet, to propose here.

Rainy season came a little early.Really, would become intense heat, such as last year.War we are people afraid from now for power shortages in the summer is expected, power saving has been touted, “home or office or to become hot, no matter how”, “train or to chaos in the rolling blackouts also” and all.

However, speaking from the conclusion, the amount of power supply this summer should suffice.

First, the supply capacity of Tokyo Electric Power Company has been enhanced by day by day.Indeed, in late March immediately after the earthquake, it was a tough prospect 46.5 million kW.

However, supply capacity is being enhanced in such restoration of thermal and hydroelectric power plants then.The prospect of the end of May, and beyond the 60 million kW Including the pumped storage power generation, about 15 million kW were also plus from previous expectation indeed.

Was mentioned in the first times, the amount of electricity demand peak in Japan are going down from a decade ago.In recent years, even last summer was hot most recorded history, it is a little less than 60 million kW.When compared with 57 million kW, which is the maximum amount of power this summer, which has been predicted before the earthquake originally, it can be seen that the supply capacity of reality has covered enough.

So, I wonder there is a possibility that the peak usage of electricity demand increases rapidly?

Looking at the effect of various power-saving measures that were addressed after the earthquake, it is unlikely that most.when immediately after the earthquake, TEPCO announced the rolling blackouts of emergency, energy-saving and power-saving effect of self-restraint and call for power saving is estimated to have amounted to about 5 million kW around what.

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