For “old age” that was not taught in the Pacific saury, finally Messi told! [Topic]

Of talent the finals when Japan TV has broadcast of “TOYOTA Presents FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2011” Akashiya Sanma is, “No live if old age shining in Barcelona star player Messi to champion?Have frozen the air is “and questions.It’s Messi you do not speak the “old age” and show a grumpy face, but was found to have commented about the old age in his hometown Argentina.Messi on December 30, was appointed Goodwill Ambassador of hometown Argentina Rosario.”Friend in an interview in this case, family, there are acquaintances.Definitely, myself After retirement was talking about old age of confidence and wonder “to live in Rosario.

Akashiya the pike of questions but Messi that has been said, “Since the retirement there is still time you thought at that time”, it seems to be can also image life after retirement.

Pacific saury san! Messi told “old age”!

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The No live if “old age?Messi rage in “saury questions! the moment the TV is frozen

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