China, which has increased the purchase of medium-and long-term debt of Japan

According to the Bond investor trading volume of the Japan Securities Dealers Association announced on May 20, foreign investors has been a net buying of 1 trillion 700.9 billion yen If you look at, but without the short-term debt.If you look at the investor trading volume of government bonds, foreign investors has been a net buying 2 trillion 136.2 billion yen medium-term notes.

And, according to the balance of payments in April that the Ministry of Finance announced on June 8, that China will net purchases 1 trillion 330 billion yen medium-and long-term bonds in the net, and had net selling 1 trillion 488.7 billion yen short-term debt is clear turned to.

By the way, from the balance of payments has announced the Ministry of Finance, to pick up the numeric value of this China, to enter relevant documents and data at the site of the Ministry of Finance, the balance of payments situation, investment research on (announcement Daily), June 2011 open a PDF of the (foreign-Portfolio investment) Appendix 3 in the 8th minute presentation.At the bottom of the PDF file, there is inward portfolio investment (regional breakdown), so I can see.

Foreign exchange reserves of China is over 3 trillion and $ 3 trillion $ 44.7 billion at the end of March.It is seen from the dollar assets consisting mainly of U.S. Treasury bonds as the investment destination, and doing the transfer of assets to other currency, tends to decrease U.S. debt held by China actually.

I can confirm from “MAJOR FOREIGN HOLDERS OF TREASURY SECURITIES” This.Holdings of U.S. Treasuries by China is what was one trillion $ 175.3 billion in August 2010, I have been reduced to 1 trillion 144.9 billion U.S. dollars in March this year.

I seen to have been selected (mostly or government bonds) are bonds of Japan as one of the investment destination of huge foreign exchange reserves of China.However, there is a possibility that for low yields, have shifted the weight on medium-term notes per seeking higher yields in the short-term debt.

And seen as not much intention political investment from China to Japan government bonds, sometimes circle is stable exchange market, bonds of Japan is chosen as an investment destination and makes sense.However, it is uncertain China may or may not come to buy a stable bond of Japan in the future.Is likely to be better to keep seen in feeling such as investors, fast foot rather.

Flow of Funds statistics of the Bank of Japan is expected to number of the end of March 2011 will be announced on the 17th of this month, but at the stage of the end of December 2010, ownership of Japanese government bonds by foreign investors as seen from the flow of funds statistics 4.8 percent, there is only.I found some, this ownership would not change much of China held even if the increase.

However, that China is becoming a presence in its own way as an investor to buy or sell the Japan government bonds also appear solid.I hear talk about China and is asking for information about the bond trend of Japan.That as one of the investors that affect the bond market of Japan, China is coming too? Would not than for sure.

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