[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “daughter to Putaro not Yare!” To the adoring coverage of IMALU go ballistic father Akashiya Sanma.

Last year, adoring coverage of the 175R vocal SHOGO came out IMALU.A father Akashiya pike, seems to be pretty angry to adoring coverage of cute daughter.The reason seems to be the current work of SHOGO.

Akashiya Sanma opened the mouth for adoring coverage of daughter · IMALU in “Mr. Taku” (Fuji TV).

In last year’s November, adoring coverage of vocal SHOGO of IMALU and rock band 175R (locusts rider) has rekindled.This two lovestruck has been talked about, it was in July 2009 be traced back.That at the time but he had been denied even devoted IMALU also SHOGO, adoring coverage month of two years passed again surfaced.

About this adoring coverage pike, to reveal the anger “not recognized Absolutely!”.that pike are angry most seems certain that the SHOGO has suspended the activities of 175R.175R is a band that was formed in 1998, played a major debut in “Happy Life” in 2003.And became a popular band centered on young people like to compete in red and white, it has been reported the hiatus in September 2010.

By pause the band activity that is seems to have reflected the “unemployed = Putaro” for pike, it seems is inexcusable for that are dating is such a man and daughter.In addition to the “If I hate When the” please the daughter “Nante said to Putaro”, talk to the point where IMALU to marry SHOGO I had to leap.

From before, but pike that is only daughter IMALU had hated that mingle with celebrities, probably opponent had is unforgivable part especially when it comes to unemployed.Furthermore Some also are said to also becomes a bottleneck that SHOGO is Whirlpool with divorced.

Kimura Takuya is “to try to resume once again 175R activities!” In the program, had sent a Yale to SHOGO to be “trying to work”, No SHOGO is not reflected only as the man who dabbled in cute daughter for Pacific saury I was in and feel gone.
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· Akashiya Sanma is “The! Promises appeared in the world astounded News “!?
· Again father? Akashiya Sanma is “opts only 22-year-old woman” Wake.
· “Mr. Taku” was suspected the Dine and dash during the filming of, Akashiya Sanma and Takuya Kimura.
· IMALU, to publish photos of father-Akashiya Sanma to blog.
· IMALU, shock! “Just like in the hilarious face to pike” and give out Otake Shinobu.
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