Leo Esaki Mr. “Japan’s science and technology and the believe the world’s highest risk”

It is Japan which is said to be one of the best of science and technology world, but in fact Leona Mr. Ezaki of Nobel Prize in Physics winners to point out that there is a big pitfall in there (86).The science and technology Ezaki Mr. think -.

* * * Japan’s science and technology level is believed to be the world’s highest level, but people who are holding a sense of satisfaction seems surprisingly large, I think this is dangerous thoughts that interfere with the development rather.Research level and the is said to be extremely high in the world, only a few of the field, just that slight researchers.I still large room for reform as a whole.

In fact, even counting the winner number of natural science three areas of Nobel Prize, in the United States accounted for 43%, Japan has remained at 2.7%.In addition, when you the number of times it is cited as an index for determining the quality of the research paper, the quality of Japanese papers inferior to that of Western people in average, it is less than the Italians.In Asia, it is Invision and that gave the top spot recently in Singapore.

In the world of sports, activities of the Japanese reportedly large, are discussed in the number of medals at the Olympics.However, it is the Japanese economy, richness of life, and such as the unemployment rate has nothing to do.Now, knowledge, such as science becomes the driving force of society “century of knowledge”, active research activities economic activity activated by stimulating the creativity of Japanese, I brings a wealth of Japan.

Will be used the term science and technology is well, but this is ambiguous words.Science is a systematic knowledge to elucidate the nature of the rules, it social and corporate profits, it’s the technology to utilize for medical improvement of.

In basic research, I will sometimes encounter in the “surprise” unexpected.So the resulting innovative knowledge revolutionary technology that has been developed “break through” to the group been put to practical use, and when you realize the “innovation”, brings great economic effect.

Speaking of recent representative example, or would not be Steve Jobs has created “smartphone”.He had been “Think different” the (put out a new idea) to slogan.He As the words, anyone creating a high-performance mobile phone iPhone that could not be realized, was a huge success.

● Leo Esaki: 1925, Born in Osaka.Tokyo Imperial University graduates.Tokyotsushinkogyo in (now Sony), in the achievement of the tunnel effect found in the semiconductor, which was made in 1957, the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973.Then he moved between 1960-1992 years, New York IBM Central Research Institute Senior Researcher.University of Tsukuba president until 1992-1998 years.He is currently Yokohama College of Pharmacy President, the Ibaraki Prefectural Science and Technology Promotion Foundation Chairman.

※ Shukan Post 2012, January 13, · the 20th Issue