Japanese epitome book reviews that are crushed in pension “pension bankruptcy”

Pension bankruptcy – threaten the company “another pension problems”
2007, Sannomiya automobile traffic is Kobe taxi company went bankrupt with debts of 300 million yen. Bankruptcy reason, nor irresponsible management of president in failure, such as the Olympus investment, was too heavy pension contributions.

The pension, basic pension (national pension) of all the people join, in addition to the employee pension of salaried workers join, there is a welfare pension fund is a company-specific three-story part.Although large companies are usually suffers from a fund in the group, many funds that are maintained as gathered small and medium-sized enterprises in each region and job. The company also was one of 50 companies to join the fund that Hyogo Prefecture passenger cars Pension Fund.

However, due to the effects of aging, benefits there is a reality that young employees not be increased middle people while it increases year by year.If you operate a reserve fund, profits that had been assumed was a time when it is not very put out. System in which the growth in premise, but not anymore became unsustainable.

“Than say increasing the premiums or reduce benefits companies by themselves are?Will also have people think “. It is a street that, if adjusted to reconcile fit, no problem for companies adding minutes. But, there is a pitfall here. The employees ‘pension fund, companies not only own the addition amount, and keep my part of the employees’ pension of two-story from the country, the collection of premiums, investment, the agency business that funds fill up benefits exist.

In the past, the potential growth rate is high era of Japan, it is, there was a large scale to operate and keep my country of assets.I because much was expected a lot of profit. But since the 1990s, it is only risk is increased, it meant that only the “Appendix that must be filled” increases.

Because it is a country of-determined pay-as-you-go system, welfare pension part of the premiums and benefits cut is not allowed. Because But as the organization of funded system is supposedly, do not and shortfall company does not contribute. In itself that can not laugh and that it up bonus cuts and restructuring for pension burden, welfare pension fund in Japan has been forced.

No more Hyogo Prefecture passenger cars welfare pension fund in order to avoid the loss was disbanded in 2005, if you want to disband, do not and do not return the substitutional portion of reserves that had been entrusted from country.And if interrupts the necessary amount, there is a need to fill-in-the-blank by contributions at the subscriber companies. The burden worth what, it was a ringleader that was bankrupt the Sannomiya automobile traffic.

Bankruptcy drama is not over yet.Liability of the remaining pension collapse is Sannomiya traffic, it is necessary to bear in other subscription companies.In the place where you are enduring the last minute, but not take pushing debt of fallen companies. Bankruptcy is called a bankruptcy, further 13 companies were chained to bankruptcy.

As in Japan, confectionary welfare pension fund that McDonald’s was also a member, fund that could be disbanded within which there is a margin in the reserve are rare (join expansion policy to employees’ pension of non-regular employment seems has boosted the Dissolution).

Currently, 80% of agency cracking of the approximately 600 a fund, the more there is to state “and has continued since not stop” and the author points out.Author of measures for this situation is simple, tentatively admitted the dissolution of the fund, causing paid only to the country assets that now that.

“Is it may shortfall was Fumitaosa!?”And perhaps some people make blue vein, but do not worry. Past the amount necessary to benefit 830 trillion yen of governmental welfare pension, and reserves 140 trillion yen, that is funded percentage of the country is only only 17%.

On the other hand, the proportion of reserve fund of Aoikitoiki in behalf cracking around 40%.In other words, is a translation has been working hard now “it was cheers for good work so far, well I was working hard” immediately even admitted dissolution much good to me was Praise and (at the expense of active employees).

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has been left a chain bankruptcy drama without taking this much obvious remedy is to agree completely on the claim of the author that “because you do not want to admit of their inaction.”. Organization is rotten from the core of the ministry.

By the way, if good people of intuition, should remained one question. “In short, the employees’ pension fund underfunded is not allowed, but I mean that struggling, is willing to worse welfare pension body of the financial situation who bear?”

The answer is in the “near future, now less than 50 years of age is that the burden”. 149 trillion yen had pension reserve fund in 2006, was drastically reduced to 109 trillion yen in just five years. When’s this minute, after a dozen years, it could become the last line it up was borne by the decades and high insurance premiums in that it Nante “It will benefit 50% cut because reserve has had depleted”. It will be almost certainly do so or rather.

Appearance of employees’ pension fund to be crushed to pension benefits, may indicate the later decades of Japan.The postponement was minute, but looks to be even more awesome.

In content-rich very suggestion, it’s a good book you want is highly recommended to anyone interested in social security.