20 billion yen BSE blanket testing finally review in ’10 to “waste measures”

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and solidified the BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) policy to review the blanket testing of infected cattle, in a hurry to work.Blanket testing begins with the 2001 fall infected cattle of BSE were found in Japan, has been going on in ’10 so far.

Europe and the United States beginning in global and has not been implemented as “useless measures”.Is it is a question strong blanket testing to effect in Japan have been why continue.

own budget BSE also prefectures after the country has aborted, the accumulated abnormal prion in bovine brain, sick the brain becomes like a sponge.The ministry immediately after the domestic infected cattle has been confirmed, check all of the cattle before shipment, cattle infection is confirmed trimmed the inspection readiness so that it does not put on the market.

However, since in the following age 20 months was not found infected cattle, in August 2005, the inspection subject to “more than 21 months of age” to change.However, since the then also issued a subsidy, blanket testing is continued, even after the end of July 2008 has been aborted the auxiliary, nationwide prefectures out its own budget, are continuing endlessly until now.

The effect of blanket testing is not if the problem is greater, negative view on effect is stronger.BSE infection is the feed “meat-and-bone meal” crushed bones and internal organs, such as cattle and sheep are the main cause that eat cow.For infected cattle of Japan this was the cause, it is the “infected cattle found initially, there was a sense also blanket testing”.

However, then, as a result of the meat-and-bone meal has been thorough that it is not given as feed, if built 10 years, cattle that are bred in a new meat-and-bone meal has gone almost.In addition, measures to remove the risk sites such as bovine brain and spinal cord that abnormal prion accumulation has also been promoted.

Blanket testing is not performed from “scientific evidence” in the West, the veterinarian et al remove the part of the bovine brain, find out whether the addition of reagents is abnormal prion is the cause of BSE.However abnormal prion is not necessarily located only in the brain, it moves to be absorbed into the body, spinal cord and eyes, are confirmed to be in such a part of the intestine.

In addition, it is good to be actually tend to gather in the more brain if familiar cattle older, “If you examine the young bovine brain, and just not to find a part of the infected cattle” of that many experts but of perspective.The blanket testing in Europe and the United States that infected cattle has been a large amount confirmation has not been practiced, you are by these scientific rationale.

Such the blanket testing has been going on for ’10 in Japan, rather than a scientific rationale, it can be said that the political judgment and emotion theory was in large background.Sakaguchi ChikaraAtsu labor minister at the time that it was decided to blanket testing is “there is a reputational damage, (unless the blanket testing) people of peace of mind can not be obtained,” has been described as.

Tax of about 20 billion yen was used in the blanket testing.All it can not be said that it was a waste, but more rationale is thin, review course position of the ministry is that.In an accident of Fukushima first nuclear power plant, there has been a growing interest in the food of radioactive contamination.

What is to keep the national food safety is really necessary, or blanket testing problem of BSE is clue to disentangle the tangled thread of “safety” and “peace of mind”, it is noted.