Ranking things that comes to mind Speaking of Yukie fellow

It is broadcast on NHK BS era drama “The Tempest” Yukie Nakama starring drama acclaim, will be in theaters from January as “Tempest 3D”.Yukie Nakama takes up the challenge to “one two roles” plunge into the world of politics and pretending to be men on the stage of Shuri Castle, said, “fresh that us in contact with the men is (his) as a man” so.And the come to mind to hear that Yukie fellow?

1st: Gokusen series
Second place: TRICK series
3rd place: beautiful neighbor
4 place: a number of CM
5: Moderator of Red and White Singing Contest
Anxious sixth place later here
And had won a number of runaway vote “Gokusen series”.A popular school drama was broadcast from 2002, Yukie Nakama is a high school teacher passionate “Yankumi” Son and Kumiko Yamaguchi rough enthusiastically.Ginbuchi glasses and jersey figure is a trade mark, I’m gap to demonstrate the strength of the yet to be a demure appearance modest seems daughter and heir of chivalrous spirit group carpus was the irresistibly pleasure.The second place “TRICK series” rank-in.Yukie Nakama I played a “self-proclaimed” genius Magician Naoko Yamada.In mystery drama going revealed one after another trick hidden in the paranormal and bizarre incident along with the physics professor Ueda Jiro who plays Hiroshi Abe, good conversation of two people of the tempo also became a hot topic.Heat up every “that you guys did is, everything’s your outlook!” Decided lines of Naoko Yamada that you overlap the number of times.So “that you’ve done of you is, everything all’s slit and Marutto Gori~tsu and your outlook!” Was also that it was longer until the.
The Yukie fellow who plays a single woman of gravel eighth year with no boyfriend in the “love neat – Getting started – of love that has forgotten” from this year in January.It does not tied increasingly eyes the future.

Survey method: NTT DoCoMo conducted a vote in the “everyone’s voice”
Votes: 24150 votes
Voting period: 2011/11 / 26-12 / 3
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