Lie of name is revenge “deported”, rice girl is mistaken for illegal immigrants.

Since ran away from home in 2010, the United States of women who had been looking for a granddaughter that was supposed to not know much whereabouts is, the other day, there was a event that grab the whereabouts on Facebook.But this granddaughter was there, the Columbia rather than in the United States.And lies that girl with the background, it seems there was a mistake of the US entry and Customs Administration (ICE).

According to the US such as broadcasting stations WFAA-TV and FOX, the reason why the grandson had been looking on their own is Lorraine Turner, who lives in Dallas, Texas.Her grandson Jaka drain’s (then 14 years old), was away from home in the fall of 2010.Such as divorce of love was the grandfather of death and parents, in the painful event is an opportunity that occurred in quick succession, it seems to have become a rebellious.And she Although arrived to Houston, where he ended up being arrested by the police and steals.

At that time, what was the decision in Tossa, identification Jaka drain san was told to police false.Then, the name of the supposed was hypothetical would match the name of the woman who had been wanted Colombian woman of 22 years old, yet as illegal immigration, I ahead of the ICE had detained her identity.

Although ICE gave a like Jaka drain’s fingerprinting for identification verification, for some reason without waiting for its procedure is complete, determine the “deportation” to Colombia.Result, she is deported to Colombia in April 2011, after the arrival it seems to have been released have received a work permit from the government.

Then, she had been living while the work, such as housekeeper, the place where it was written the occasional messages to Facebook, Lorraine san, which has been much searching found.With the cooperation of the local police, and has led to locate the whereabouts.

When you apply for a return through the US Embassy in Colombia, that she had been detained for some reason in Columbia Immigration, had been waiting even further difficulty, ultimately January 6, safely That’s right was able to return to the United States.