Blame rush crowded Ballmer is naked uncle in France of children’s clothing ad

If you see behind the children wear a big smile York, there is a scene that should not be absolutely reflected! This time, the advertising of sites that sell the French children’s clothing, has become a hot topic and are crowded Ballmer is naked men without mosaic.

Are you a problem, pages of children’s clothing in the French fashion brand of “La Redoute” site.On the beach a happily laugh four children of photos of background, shocking this photo naked old man is crowded Ballmer without mosaic, has been introduced in detail at the foreign site “”.

One of this shock a photo was discovered, the customer had seen the site.This person Ya find the appearance of old man soon, yes you tweet immediately to Twitter of “La Redoute”.In response to the protest, “La Redoute” has apologized This is recognized immediately.

But whether the find fault in the wake of this uncle of photo problems had begun, such as addition to find misspell a T-shirt of children’s clothing, in stepped on or kicking or situation.Of course matter of T-shirt is also mismanagement of completely the same brand, but will no doubt that it has come to be seen in severe eye from the public than before.

By the way, old man who had crowded Ballmer in this photo, still does not know the whereabouts.Perhaps this old man that would have affected more than anyone else, such as an image currently on the Internet is funny processing, during a sense buzz.On exposed the naked image without permission, it becomes news all over the world, this old man that earnestly played in net user it off it is condemned, must not be a genuinely poor.

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