[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “people of deodorant force Easy”.In front of Miguel kun Akiko Wada “to sound the bell that is your” singing the!

Deodorant force of Miguel Gareiro kun was suddenly break in CM (13) is, Omakase TV “Akko! Mentioned the New Year’s greetings and appeared in “.When he to show off her representative song in front of the eyes of Akiko Wada, he in the studio was listening to the singing voice.

Last year, Miguel-kun that was rising popularity in the CM of deodorant force was sought after at the end of the year of variety shows.It seems he celebrated the New Year in their native living in Portugal, but Leave the “Akko which was broadcast on January 8! I appeared on “.

Once invoked as a special guest to him you heard that showed up while singing the melody was familiar with “♪ Rarararara …”, he cheers were boiled from the audience.

Miguel-kun who sang passage a “deodorant force” a sense of stability and crowded totally sing, than is was greeting with “Opening machine te Congratulations Gozaimasu” in Japanese while broken.

However, I’m came to greet Mine from Ryuta “New Year’s moderator?”He was questioned, he was laughing around you may answer because” Akko is scary … “.In addition, where you want to go “in Japan most is?When “and asked to say” Well “Wadaie” “was surprised Akiko Wada.

Of course, he ahold that was charged from interpreters told as it is, than is the nonchalance eat figure he is calm laughter in the studio.

Miguel kun finished the story showed off the music that then “practiced hard”.It is representative song Akiko Wada “The ringing the bell that is you” because it was, she had heard right beside had surprised most.

Miguel-kun of singing voice in the volume of voice over sound there is a rounded unbelievably and 13-year-old, I sign of in the studio is Kikihore to its splendor, the more was introduced from the screen.

Also Akiko Wada When he finished singing was thrilled with the “amazing!”.In addition, Miguel kun asked whether practiced how much the “morning of today, practiced a few hours,” he Since answered as “only a few hours!” Akko was also impressed.

Which is difficult and its Akko is “deodorant force and this song?When asked “said Miguel kun prefer honestly” deodorant force had been convinced to answer the Rararara’s so easy to just “.

Although the popularity of Miguel-kun also seemed to temporary, its voice is appealing not be a “deodorant force” I met only put out an album already as a singer in Portugal.Although was only rust parts passage “of ringing the bell that is you,” he from that singing, and further I felt the possibility of growing popular.

Last year in November album was recorded music of Japan “happiness Songs ★ Nice to meet you, is Miguel” I have released.One of the songs on “miracle” (GReeeeN) but Miguel-kun has commented that the “very difficult was the song to sing”, the goodness of music it would be words that you put out what Knowing.Or talent will still not than extend future as a singer.

The theme song of the “smallest born panda 51 (Ui) world” of this spring in February published movie, has been determined that it is used is “Lost and Delirious” from his album.Success of Miguel-kun’s likely to continue this year.
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