Gon Nakayama & Hasebe, and surprising goals set in 2012?

The 8th night broadcast, in a sports program of the TBS “S1”, a questionnaire called “three things you want to come true in 2012” for the various athletes and implementation.From football, Consadole Sapporo, Masashi Nakayama and Wolfsburg, Makoto Hasebe of both name has appeared in VTR each.

It belongs to Sapporo Consadole you played a J1 return the first time in four years, Zhongshan Gon to become 45-year-old in this year’s September, “Don, this is” When you issue the flip and, it was written there is “1 . soccer become well / 2. bout played goal / 3. It was cartilage regeneration “thing.

“I want to be more better.Has come out strongly in here feeling that want to respond to more and more your expectations.If accustomed to this is possible, participating in a match, and goal.The third is the most important condition for enabling achieve this.Cartilage regeneration.The state also is talking with various surface burden is less related to yourself “by cartilage of the knee to play, eating” the pig bone hard even for the injury of knee that shook the last season in bar.Managed to hoarding the collagen in the body you want rampage on the ground, “he cheerfully spoke in inborn brightness.

In addition, Hasebe is also referred to flip the “1.W Cup final qualifying undefeated !! / 2. CL again played !! / 3. Earnest to do pottery !!”, for surprising goal potter, the split second Do I want to be a “potter from program staff?Question “is -.On the other hand, “No, Haha.Hasebe it was denied by the difference will I, “said smile, and speak as the” the kana be established a heart When I was pottery “, prepare the book this” mind.”I was Mise advertise casually.