Cost of nuclear power plant and the story of Electric Power

According to the report, a result of the stop all Hamaokagenpatsu at the request of the government, Chubu Electric Power because I was no longer nuclear power plants in operation, and exempt from contribution spending on nuclear damages support mechanism with the self of future It seems to me and asked.

→ daily jp: The requested exemption the burden of nuclear damages support mechanism: Chubu Electric Power

It seems the story plausible at first glance, I do not think Chubu only to have underestimated the risk of nuclear power plant accident still.
Because, even now that you have stopped nuclear power plant of all, it is necessary to continue to constantly cooling, while holding as a contact move that rely on nuclear power plant, and the presence leads to explosion cooling becomes impossible power is lost, such as earthquake is the roast.That’s right, spent nuclear fuel.

As long as you do not put on the route to the final disposal by treating this cleanly, it can not be said was fully pay costs associated inevitably revenues of its own, and its disposal until done, damages due to its own business activities I mean there is a possibility to bear the obligation.

By the way, neatly, are included in “operation of the nuclear reactor” and “storage of spent nuclear fuel”, If you give damage to others by accident on the storage of spent nuclear fuel, raw 賠法 is, he accept unlimited liability.
Therefore, until such time as it is not necessary to assume responsibility for the storage Electric Power has made the appropriate processing of spent nuclear fuel, are likely to bear the liability for damages, therefore the contribution first and foremost support mechanism Once you have I is a physical payable.

It is or “determines the understanding of such shareholders can not be obtained in the contribution spending” in the article, but reuses the understanding of shareholders as convenient for me it seems to be the rage these days.However, as noted above, there are a lot of costs that we have to not look to nuclear power, the part because is not only became apparent the contribution of compensation support mechanism, of course, that there is a burden obligation What you or whichever I ought description Nari General Meeting of Shareholders.

I think it is up to no good if you do not place the estimated cost of up to final disposal of spent nuclear fuel as well, that it is likely to take much this maximum, and made a fair presentation of the financial situation of course.

At present, parties bear the risk of other shareholders is necessarily state you do not know whether the President bring up the cost of whining when you can not see suddenly become obvious.