[Entertainment vitamin ♪] yesterday 10, today seven ….Rice cake of rolled eat Rika, or okay!?

Everyone this year’s New Year, or ate what pieces of rice cake? You can easily find common corner rice cake that is commercially available, two at a time in the women if you zoni, even if many would about three.Although Rica talent is is currently in breastfeeding, and are worried about from surroundings ate every day the unimaginable number of rice cake.

Although reporters also have experienced, mothers are breastfeeding’s anyway the stomach is free.Considering the breast milk of amount and nutrition to baby food begins, and pay close attention to the things that I eat.that reporter has been advice on diet from doctor, to take evenly as “nutrient is not biased.”It was something that.

The end of last year in November dystocia, Rika, which gave birth to a boy safely.Every day while fighting in childcare that is not familiar with the blog, and become the Hohoemashiku and happy mood been handed down her figure to continue to grow as a mother.In the New Year of the blog, it is possible for a change of the purchase such as children’s clothes go to the sale of the department store, it seems to be the normal is not the same as mom life.”Even if nothing without going to crowded department store ….You might think that, “but, in we can not go out free childcare can be refreshed with a little of going out and shopping.Rather than anything else my thing, I want to buy things of children.

The day before, according to the blog of Rica date January 8 “Rinka Happy Life”, it seemed to many as ten Once “rice cake eat it paid! Today,” said Paku eat have ate.”I was still eating.and “I hear that, but indeed, seems to have self-control that day.But do still eat the did not have enough, even the next day and even though such should that it was paid to eat and eat rice cakes Rika.Since the home was not left only two, he give me the will to come to buy a commercial rice cake to friends was scheduled to come on this day play.And despite a friend who is looking stunned, so a is was Kan-shoku this day also seven rice cake.

Because above all mom to would still lack of sleep is followed by physical fitness game, it may not matter to eat more and more to be unbalanced diet as long as you do not break the gastrointestinal.But even if no longer drink the baby begins breast milk baby food, and I is the fact that there are sad Kana appetite mom that weight increase remains previous.Mochi might was the favorite food originally, but would be better soon was back a meal everyday menu.
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• The Othello Matsushima Naomi of the original, “new mother” Rika was rushed.
Aida Shoko, the long-awaited mom at 41 years of age.”I have cherished cherished spent.”
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· Weight increased 20 kg each time of pregnancy.Yet four of Whirlpool Kirishima Karen.
· “To a pregnant woman even hit ….”The type of Mikiti rioting as” super fat “, cold people.
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