now of the United States seems to about socialist country to see if you look – China

January 9, 2012, economists said HiroshiHana Bun (one-Hoa Binh) in China of engineers was published an article titled as “the United States, seems to socialism enough to see if you look” to the Chinese blog site.The following outline its.

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Today, while you are talking to American friends, it became the topic of “now in the United States seems to be the socialist country”.I think this is not only my one, and impressive that many people have embraced.So the United States to friends who “initially was opposed to the Communist Party only there is, what is the have come a socialist route Become a now the cause of the?I’ve asked “.Communism they were born in the “18th-century Americans, was going to mend equal society be to distribute the wealth of rich people.But, is the rich at that time ie authority, it was explained that the self of property and life danger there was no supposed to admit such as occur Revolution “.

Such Western nation also social reform was necessary.However, this reform is due essentially desire of human beings, the way in asset class is off the gradually form from the center stage, as a result, I went closer to equal society.Also it’s equality poor also rich in front of the “right to life”.Responsibility of the government to continue to improve its contents.This is now the western society.

If the rich get rich by unfair means, the government may be Seisure by law.Wealth obtained by legitimate means is sufficient to contribute to society in the tax.The main role of the government of free competition national thing help the poor people.Thus government that is eliminate the disparities in society, he proceed further socialization.Compared to it, but if we east of socialism?And overthrew the part of the old asset class, but was immediately born new asset class.Under the temptation profit, want not anyone poor to relapse.So each has embarked on selfish reform.Is not indicated direction of reform that was unified to a socialist state.And he caught the feeling like there is no way to go to So communism.The other world is not afraid of communism.

I have received the education of Mao Zedong Thought from childhood, but communist leaning person.Revolution is a struggle of desperate, asset class is their wealth by overthrow was taught that we should deprivation.Achieved a western society is this much naturally reform, everyone has never would have thought that when you get the right to get the wealth.West society forgive the presence of religion, I found the reason why did not allow the presence of communism.And, the reason why our society is no longer sing again communism also I found that she is now.notice of it was too late.(Translation and editing / Hongo)