Ronbu Atsushi Tamura, “she and Hawaii New Year’s Eve report” was Friday sealed?

“London Boots No. 1 No. 2” Atsushi Tamura, I revealed himself to have been a Hawaii trip to model Yano MiNoriko and New Year in dating.I was going towards the “south of the island at the time of interview.You can (performing arts reporter) Inoue I found the missing route to Oyakezo san “and is but Tamura had laughed, to only have experience top secret New Year’s Eve trip with Namie Amuro has evolved to discovered a big fuss, this year” Shiteya~tsu I wonder where such “.

Tamura is often to spend New Year’s Eve abroad, has been how to leave to become at the end of the year every year are reported in such wide show.2009 is had said in front of the camera and “will merge with junior (entertainer) in the field”, was actually had been scheduled to be New Year’s Eve of merges with Namie.

After returning also entertainment media will continue to follow the Tamura, before Yoshimoto headquarters (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) in situation where the press is to gather.Yoshimoto side also had over a variety of pressure to try Oikaeso the company, was finally recognized as Tamura was wavering will held a press conference at the instant “dating with Namie Amuro’s is a fact.”.But Namie side is furious that Tamura is admitted without permission companionship, this love seems to have come to an end in the summer last year after all.

This time, Tamura’s was himself the “Hawaii New Year’s Eve” in the mouth, I found that there was also speculation that want to calm down the commotion caused by media coverage.”Actually conference just before, Tamura over live as” good at Twitter, if you leave the Alta Friday san !! Pashapasha! Pashapasha! … So always sudden, I wonder it was ♪ what you are pounding?”And I’m tweeting.This would be checking for would later Hojiru confidential travel “Friday” (Kodansha).Even before Tamura tweet as “is Friday now”, there was also that it has greatly changed the contents of the article “(entertainment writer)

Tamura this time, seems to have been burning obsession to annual Hawaii New Year’s Eve.Broadcast last year “good laugh! Special issue “(if you do not want Bale in the media) (Fuji TV) in from Tamori” If you go from Kansai Airport?”And is proposed there was a” their hands! “And I was talking also.

Although media coverage of New Year Hawaii has become a annual event, unlike the former entertainment industry, the current big name entertainers towards Western countries has become a main.

“But because the entertainment media that stick to Hawaii interviewed have all the good conditions.Since the flight to fly to Hawaii from Japan is number is limited, if interviewed at the airport about a few hours in the field early in the morning, and the other to work completed that day.Guam’s a very have flights too many even in the same vacation destination, can not be very cover there are a number of airports even if in other countries.After all the media will check the entertainer to departure at Narita and two locations of Haneda, the degree to which convey the information to the Hawaii team that Machikamaeru is I limit “(wide show desk)

Actually Hawaii interview full of monkey.Tamura is but do not know what was departure from Kansai International Airport advice Street Tamori, if Nari through the at least other countries, easily encirclement can he be able to slip through.

Tamura you have cleared this year a failure that was perpetrated on a trip with Namie.Person in the conference had been stated that “the aspirations of this year that no farewell (with her)”, and taking advantage of the fact that I learned from a variety of failure with regard love, I wonder can this time what will be fulfilled.

※ The image “Ronbu Jun of two rice Love 77 dish” (Kadokawa Marketing)

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