Identity emergency exposure of that Black is Danshi Tatekawa!

Trying to one month and a half from Sugiyo died Danshi Tatekawa’s storyteller house.

Many stomach disciples immediately after Mr. Dankokorozashi died, became many opportunities to appear in wide shows and magazines, and finished the farewell party at the end of last year, it has become a form, such as the time being was once calm.But now the end of the month between the part of the storyteller fan, than run the severe earthquake in storyteller community and has become a hot topic and.

It “Danshi Tatekawa of identity (provisional): love-hate Conflict basis rakugoka master and pupil theory” Black’s is the original disciples of Mr. Dankokorozashi is released on the 20th there in the presence of the book called.
Black is its own gambling enthusiasts is Haunting, expel a storyteller Tachikawa flow in 2005.Currently I have been working as a freelance.Therefore “With show us the true Danshi Tatekawa is?”And it has become a hot topic.
This is because you are funny interesting of that episode of Dan Zhi other disciples speak, you can not tamper with the details, there is a part that has been forged, also died now they’ve become a mysterious presence.Mr Black was not spelled passion in blog that “I’ll write a Dan aspirations of truth” has to feel uncomfortable in that situation.

Actually black “Dan Zhi died! Happy over! Happy over!” In an interview with the magazine “SPA” was released last year you can have with glee and, even in the blog as “to celebrate the death …” There is in other disciple The resulting not had speaking.
Of course, for but would have been also included part of rakugoka because pun that also without having to worry about the eyes of free on the black Mr. Tachikawa flow officials, also not human fear, Tachikawa stories close to the pretty “truth is likely to be able to know the aspirations “.

Ironically this book has become the No. 1 memorable of “Danshi Tatekawa memorial book” pattern.Seems disciples are also worried that than Dan Zhi image made of their corruption, but, really?