2012 North Korea of ​​the year! 43 countries of genius translated alone a war song talks about a lot of world affairs

If you also of words can understand what ~Ka-koku, would you use that ability to what.

Here, there are polyglot (multilingual speaker) to understand the 24 different languages ​​in the 27-year-old.He the genius talent, had gotten invested in martial music of the translation of the world.Waste of talent that what …….I – “era of nationalism and ideology you read in the lyrics world war song Complete Works” and was able to result this book.Without the literal translation adjustment beauty and, 43 countries 60 war song of the regime 300 songs were translated into Chinese classics, ancient writing tone Tsujita ShinTasukuKen, what he loves what war song.

– After all, do I sing the war song in karaoke?(Laughs)

That martial music lover, although I have hidden in the people around basically, you and some friends are requested ne.Since karaoke is not good, we have decided to run away to be’m martial music professional overseas at that time.

But, recently, Chinese karaoke also becoming popular, it has become a little difficult to escape.Chinese karaoke’m singing revolution, such as martial music and “International” is not properly.Communist bloc countries are not reckoned with.

– Where do you’m attracted of martial music?

First, very muscular melody.I There is now in Japan of songs not strength.From it, the lyrics also is very deep.Please Consider.But “promoting advances” in person does not work.Is it possible to mobilize the people to mortal combat You can use any words.It also, it is an object of the struggle that the character is not a concise wording, such as can be seen in people who do not read are not allowed to understand.It has been crafted very well.

For example, is the current Italian national anthem “I Italian brothers” (“Il Canto degli Italiani”), the song was originally made among had Italian unification movement to split state.It is a very warlike lyrics, but when listening through, and back at the incident from ancient Rome through to modern times, it has become to those appeal strongly inevitability of national integration.

– Leaders of those days, if you provide any story or was thought is allowed to unite people, I is that often it is seen lyrics.

That’s right.Recently in Russia noteworthy is.And though it was a holiday often a period of time, it has begun to mass production recently also war song.Melody of the Soviet national anthem was also revived.In the background, voice nostalgic a “strong Russia” in the time we competed the United States and supremacy in the Cold War era would there be deep-rooted in people.Is it the government believes that attempt to provide any vision to the public, you can see well from here.

– What about North Korea that supreme leader died?

2012 will be considered are two of movement.First, that song honoring the gold Seion of successor would be made in large quantities.Kim Jong-il has solidified its position as the successor over nearly two decades.But, of Kim Jong-un became the successor from around last year.

Therefore, yet only a few songs songs that are eye and show that he.His songs are always made.Second, ’12 is Il Sung’s birth 100 years gold, Upon Kim Jong Il’s birth in ’70, has been a year that becomes the “powerful nation”.Should song can also to commemorate this.

Since both are created as a national business of North Korea, quality you can expect.Because North Korea is a country to make a standard martial music even now, I martial music fans around the world, now, are pouring hot gaze.I can say that the year of this year worth watching.

– Latest information on North Korea war song Where Would do I do check.

North Korea because you have the official portal site such as “Naenara”, some information from there you will be able to confirm.Then, if you are doing exports of CD as a nation, there are suppliers who specialize in CD and book of North Korea to Japan.You can be purchased through such a place.Those who are interested, why it is is first check the home page.

● Tsujita ShinTasukuKen (Tsujita, Masaki)
And operates a beside website “Western martial music collection Museum” which acts as a salaried worker to hide martial music love.In addition, one song every week on Twitter [reichisneet], I have to introduce the martial music of YouTube

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