Bayern, disapproval “difficult problems” in the acquisition of a complete Transfers of Usami

Uli Hoeneß, who serves as the Bavarian chairman, was reluctant to acquisition of a complete Transfers of FW Takashi Usami in subscribers from G Osaka rental.Have reported the German paper “Bild” is.

Usami rental Transfers to Bayern last summer.Although obtained the participation opportunities in the top teams in the early season, after you are playing around the reserve league.Contract are also equipped with full Transfers of options to, I say that it must be the answer to G Osaka until January, Bayern is whether or not to use the right, still trying to decide.

Henesu Mr. is to contract with “Usami and one year of rental Transfers, we are getting a chance to win him a full Transfers.However, whether or not buy him until the end of January, I have to decide.This is a very difficult problem.Transfer fee, the comment never a small ne because not intended “.Complete even while showing an interest in the acquisition of at Transfers, it was revealed that it has not been put in to make the decision to acquire, including the transfer fee of problem.

According to reports, transfer fee is € 2.75 million that G Osaka are seeking (about 200 million 70 million yen).In order to Usami wins permanent move, it of course appeal in the play surface, transfer fee of problem also seems to be necessary to clear.

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