I was me first to get along [Entertainment vitamin ♪ “most.Surprising relationship of “Yusuke Kamiji and Tae Kimura.

Speaking of talent of Yusuke Kamiji an actor, and has been known to have many friends in the entertainment world.Such Uechi is to introduce a famous actress in first that became friends from the start of the entertainment industry work on the blog.

Yusuke Kamiji the blog “Kami-ji Yusuke” date January 11, introduces the Tae Kimura of popular actress as “favorite actress”.Referred to as the entertainer that became friends in most beginning at work is a Kimura for Shangdi, and he included in pictures are also published.

In the blog, time Kamiji is 20 years old, has revealed the episode when I went to dinner with older 8-year-old Kimura.That at that time it is not yet selling Shangdi, it has the money who sold a part-time job cost and own clothes, went out to dinner with Kimura.Uechi is after a meal, and finished the accounting While Kimura is standing a seat in the toilet, but so was Ogo~tsu a meal.While it is downright cool story, it is noted that it was angry Kimura you know it, “I no good can do that.”.

Kimura married employees of advertising agency in 2005, but now is the mom of TEMPORARY, Uechi is not declared to Kimura as at that time, “because I have’ll got you do not have a partner is 30 years of age.” seems to have.

Kimura and now you have after 13 years from the encounter of, Uechi have talent, actor, active in various fields such as singer.Uechi is seemed to feel the joy that we are able to talk about within the “still really happy to be Mukiaeru in the same work in the same world” chest to Kimura, still work now ups and downs of violent entertainment industry was.

Uechi, the drama series “Dirty Mama currently being broadcast! Is being cast in “(NTV).Also I hope from now on activities of Uechi as an actor.
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